MSI 2023 Schedule Revealed

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Riot has revealed the schedule for MSI 2023, as London is set to host the tournament in a few months.

Another season of League of Legends is underway, as Patch 13.3 is set to release soon. The new season brought about a bunch of new stuff like the new Ranked System, new Vision Tracking System, etc. Also, many champion contents were released, like the Jax mini-rework or the upcoming champions, Milio and Naafiri.

With a new year of League of Legends beginning, esports is back as well, with all of the leagues kicked off. Riot has made many changes to the MSI and Worlds for 2023. There were overhauls to the system used to incorporate more best of 3s in the formats. The plan is to get more competition into these tournaments.

MSI 2023 is set to be hosted in London for the first time. A new format and a unique location mean we are in for a great tournament. Recently, Riot released their schedule for MSI 2023. Here are all the details that we know of.

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MSI 2023 Schedule

It was already known that the tournament would start in May. We can safely say that MSI 2023 will start on May 2nd, 2023. The theme of the upcoming MSI tournament is Defy. With the new format, there are a bunch of double-elimination stages, which ensures that the tournament will have a lot of action. Copper Box Arena will be the venue of the tournament in London, and the starting date for each of the stages are as follows:

  • Play-In Stage: May 2nd – 7th.
  • Bracket Stage: May 9th – 14th and May 16th – 20th.
  • Finals: May 21st

Ticket sales start on February 23rd from 2 am PST/10 am GMT. So grab your tickets to enjoy a revamped MSI tournament. For more information, here is the original announcement.

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