League of Legends Now Gives Gold For Pinging Wards

Riot has added a sneaky change where pinging wards now give gold.

The preseason patch has shaken up League of Legends. With the new update, we had a lot of new things brought into the game. Some of the new items have caused quite a bit of a ruckus, especially Heartsteel. A mid-patch update was also done to fix some of the issues in Patch 12.22.

The changes are welcome as it gives players a new way to play the game. A bunch of changes is also coming in the following patch, Patch 12.23. A total of three champion updates are coming for Zeri, Dr. Mundo, and Kassadin in Patch 12.23. The Riot Balance team is putting in the work.

With all those changes coming and released, a sneaky one managed to come in. With the new vision systems, such as ward timers and ward icons on the minimap, there is now some gold to be earned when you ping enemy wards. Here is how that system works.

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Earning Gold For Pings and First Hit on a Ward

As mentioned earlier, you can now earn gold from pinging enemy wards. Five gold is earned for each ward you ping, and it can only be done on one ward once. The same system applies to first hitting a ward. It works for all types of wards except zombie wards.

Usually, the gold earned from killing a red/yellow ward is 30 gold (15 for a blue trinket ward). The five gold gained from pinging/first hitting the ward is deducted from 30/15 gold country. Thus, it is not extra gold; it is basically a small portion of the kill bounty of a ward given upfront to reward vision tracking. Here is a video that describes the entire system concisely.

This change makes ward tracking more rewarding. Not only do you deny the enemy vision, but you also get some gold while tracking where the enemy vision is without clearing it. It is a small change and a fun one at that.

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