League of Legends Patch 12.22B Notes: Rod of Ages Buffs, Hydra Nerfs, and More

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Patch 12.22B is on the horizon, as the purpose is to get a few balance updates to stabilize things until the next major patch.

The preseason patch has already hit League of Legends, as the players are trying out the new items and systems that were added to the game. While adding new stuff is great, they also create additional problems. Thus, Riot has to fix the issues step by step.

Patch 12.22 adds many balance changes to champions, new items, existing item updates, new systems, jungle pets, etc. The reception of the patch has been mixed in social media as some people like the changes and others do not. It will always be a push and pull, considering everyone has their likes and dislikes.

Regardless, Riot intends to roll out new changes, push the boundaries of what they can do, and implement whatever they think is best for League of Legends. Hence, with Patch 12.22 settled, update 12.22B is coming in to get some balance changes. Here is what we know so far.

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Patch 12.22B Changes

As B-version patches go, they are designed to roll out relatively few changes just to iron out the overall patch. We will get Patch 12.23 in a few weeks. Therefore Patch 12.22B’s purpose is just to iron things out.

According to Riot Phroxzon, the preseason patch is looking good, but they wanted to fix a few small issues before Patch 12.23 comes out. Here is the list of changes.

Champion Buffs

There is no champion nerfs in 12.22B, so it’s all positive on this end of things. Hence, just a few jungle champions and tanks are getting a brush-up. The entire details of the changes are unknown for now for all of the changes.


The Sad Mummy is getting some buffs as he is falling to the wayside a little with the new tank items in Patch 12.22.

  • E -Tantrum:
    • Cooldown: 0.5 seconds >>> 0.75 seconds.
    • Damage: 75-175 >>> 85-185.


Based on Riot Phroxzon’s tweet, Ivern will receive some buffs since his specific itemization.

  • Passive – Friend of the Forest:
    • Health Cost (1-18): 131-70 >>> 98-0.
    • Mana Cost (1-18): 135-66 >>> 90-0.
    • Ivern Shield on Daisy Killing Dragon will no longer break Dragon Soul and Terrain.


In the same boat as Ivern, Kindred will receive buffs for the same purpose. Her itemization is also very specific, and some jungle changes impacted her negatively. Thus, Riot is coming to spruce things up for the Lamb and Wolf to hit camps faster.

  • Q – Dance of Arrows:
    • Attack Speed: 25% >>> 35%.


The big tree is getting a few tank buffs to keep him healthy.

  • E – Sapling Toss:
    • Empowered Slow: 45% (+0.6% per 100 bonus HP)(+2% per 100 AP) >>> 45%(+0.9% per 100 bonus HP)(+4% per 100 AP).


The current patch has Rammus in a bit of a pickle, so Riot is giving Rammus some buffs.

  • W – Defensive Ball Curl:
    • Base Armor: 40 Armor >>> 50 Armor.
    • Base Magic Resist: 10 MR >>> 15 MR.


The Shaco changes are mostly to fix a bug going around in the current patch. His monster modifier was not working as intended, so the fix is incoming in Patch 12.22B.

  • Bugfix: Boxes deal bonus damage to monsters again.

System Buffs

Some of the tank items are not doing great since release, so the balance team is going to bring them up to speed, according to Riot Phroxzon. Again, the exact numbers for the changes are unknown.

Jak’Sho: The Protean

The item’s name is cool and all, but Jak’Sho is not working as well as Riot wanted it to. Thus, buffs are coming in to one of the new tank items in the game. However, don’t expect the changes to be over the top, as Riot intends for this item to be a flexible item for being the 1st or 2nd item in the build.

  • Resists Per Stack: 2 >>> 3
  • % Resists per max stacks: 10% >>> 15%.

Radiant Virtue

Another tank mythic not working up to standard is getting buffs. Like Jak’Sho, Radiant Virtue is intended to be a flexible item to be rushed as the first item or the 2nd item built.

  • Max Health Heal Ratio: 1% >>> 2%.
  • Non-Ultimate Ability Haste: 15 >>> 20.

Rod of Ages

Based on the reactions on Twitter and such, Rod of Ages isn’t doing too well. As one of the few non-tank items in the patch, it’s not a great sign. So, Riot is going in and giving the item some much-deserved improvements.

  • Combine Cost: 815 gold >>> 415 gold.
  • Total Cost: 3200 gold >>> 2800 gold.

System Nerfs

Just the one item in this category, as it needed some nerfs for sure.

Ravenous Hydra

The changes looked over the top regarding the numbers, and it’s performing like one. Riot has identified the issue and is now limiting what this item can do.

  • Total Cost: 3300 gold >>> 3400 gold.
  • Carnivorous AD Per Stack: 0.6 (Max 24) >>> 0.5 (Max 20).

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