Riot Has Released A New Trailer For Aurelion Sol CGU

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot just showcased the new and improved Aurelion Sol through a breathtaking trailer.

The Star Forger, Aurelion Sol, was released in League of Legends in 2016. And he is the first proper celestial dragon champion released in the game. Though players were excited to see and play Aurelion Sol for the first time, players realized how clunky and unintuitive he felt.

However, some players saw the potential of Aurelion Sol. And these players dominated, especially on high elo. But these players were tiny and far between. Still, they were wreaking havoc on higher ranks. Because of this, Riot still nerfed Aurelion Sol, even though he was the least-played champion, even at the time.

Since he was unplayable in the core design, Riot announced in season 12 that they would give him a much-needed rework. Not just any rework, Riot has announced that they will be doing a new type of rework called a CGU.

CGU, or Comprehensive Gameplay Update, is a new type of update that aims to overhaul a champion’s kit without changing its visuals. Moreover, the rework seeks to balance the champions that were released recently.

Earlier this year, in the season 2023 roadmap video, Riot showcased Aurelion Sol with his ability. Additionally, a couple of weeks later, Riot Games revealed his skins’ new VFX.

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YouTube video

Finality: Aurelion Sol CGU Trailer

Recently, Riot released a trailer for the new and updated Aurelion Sol. And the overall visual of the trailer is stunning. It is so much more exciting than the season 2023 cinematic.

This trailer showcases 2 sides of the new Aurelion Sol, the gameplay and the lore. For his gameplay, he has gotten far more robust than he was before. In his latest iteration, he is a scaling champion. In the early game, while he isn’t as strong, in the late game, if he collects enough stardust, he will be one of the strongest champions in the game.

And the “strong” part also ties in with the lore because, in the universe of Runeterra, Aurelion Sol is the strongest character. The only character stronger than Aurelion Sol was the original Aspect of War, Pantheon. But since in the lore, he is gone and replaced with Atreus (the current Aspect of War that we play in the game). Moreover, as now Aurelion Sol is unshackled, no character in the lore can stop Aurelion Sol. That is why the last line of the trailer, “What’s the matter, Targon? Losing your grip?” proves that no aspect can beat him in his current form.

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