Aurelion Sol CGU Ability Tooltips and Skin VFX Leaked

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

The ability tooltips and the skin VFX of the upcoming Aurelion Sol CGU have been leaked.

Last year, Riot Games revealed a new type of rework they have been working on, CGU. CGU, or Comprehensive Gameplay Update, is a rework where Riot overhauls a champion’s kit without changing its visuals. They also announced that they would start this update with Aurelion Sol.

A little while later, Riot revealed some more information about the new Aurelion Sol. Though they didn’t show much, Riot showcased ASol’s new Q and W. Moreover, Riot also mentioned that he would be more of a star forger than a dragon.

Then, when Riot released the season 2023 announcement video, they fully showcased the new reworked Aurelion Sol. Not only did they showcase all of his abilities, but they also revealed his new ability icons.

They also unveiled a rough release date of Aurelion Sol CGU, patch 13.3. But unfortunately, because Riot became a target of a massive cyber attack, the release date got delayed. Although Riot did not state when Aurelion Sol CGU will release, they shared much more information about him.

Riot Sirhaian, the senior VFX artist at Riot Games, shared the new visual effects of all the Aurelion Sol skins.

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Aurelion Sol CGU Ability Tooltips & Skin VFX

Ability Tooltips

Alongside the skin VFX, the ability tooltip of the reworked Aurelion Sol has also been leaked. Riot Games are planning to turn ASol into a scaling champion. Because of it, his new gameplay is dependent on the new stardust. Now Aurelion Sol can damage enemies, and they will drop stardust. After he picks up the stardust from the ground, his abilities permanently become empowered.

Moreover, in the early game, his stats aren’t strong. But in the late game, if he collects enough stardust and builds correctly, he can be a menace. For example, in the early game, his Q only has a maximum channel duration of 3.25 seconds, but the max level, it’s infinite. Furthermore, both the damage and empowered damage are very high. So in max rank, he can cast his Q if he has mana left. It is Malzahar’s ultimate in a nutshell.

Aurelion Sol CGU: Skin VFX

The new skin VFX is incredible. Sadly Riot did not show off Mecha Aurelion Sol skin. So besides that, we are getting high-definition effects of Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol and Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol.

Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol

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