PBE Cycle Returning To Normal Soon After Cyber Attack

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot announces that the PBE will be updated with new content pretty soon.

The Public Beta Environment, or PBE, is essentially a test server where Riot implements and tests upcoming changes before deploying them to live servers. Along with Riot, players can use the server to test the changes and provide feedback to Riot. Riot can then use the feedback and make changes accordingly.

It is a vital part of the League of Legends ecosystem. Without it, Riot will not be able to implement upcoming changes or properly bug-test them.

But recently, the PBE and the Riot Games security system were compromised due to a cyber attack. Riot announced that the systems in the company’s development environment “were compromised via a social engineering attack.”

The attack might have affected the PBE and its security. There is also a concern about unknowingly shipping malicious content along with patch files, which led to the delay in the deployment of Patch 13.2.

Instead, they will bundle only the balance changes and the Lunar New Year skins and ship them as Patch 13.1b on January 26th. Unfortunately, this means that the Ahri ASU has been delayed along with the Aurelion Sol CGU.

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When will PBE return to normal?

Riot has been pretty vague about the current state of the PBE servers, and it is likely due to security reasons. So it’s rather unclear when the server will return to normal. But in a recent Reddit post, Riot Meddler stated that the PBE would be returning to normal very soon.

Also, Riot revealed the new valentines Vi, Amumu & Caitlyn yesterday. So it’s safe to assume we won’t have to wait much longer for PBE to return.

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