League of Legends Players Are Already Mocking Aurelion Sol Rework With “200 Years” Meme

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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With the new Auerlion Sol Rework coming, players are already meme-ing about the champion with the “200 Yearsjoke.

In the past few patches in League of Legends, there have been quite a few reworks and mini-reworks. It all started off with the mini-reworks of Zeri, Dr. Mundo, and Tahm Kench. Then it started extending towards one for Kassadin and Jax. After that, the long-awaited Aurelion Sol Rework was revealed.

Its new kit is the perfect match for the champion thematically. Aurelion Sol is a godly being that has the capability of creating and destroying galactic objects. Thus, his ability to collect Stardust via damaging enemies seems very apt. Also, it makes a lot of sense, lore-wise, given he wants to destroy the world.

However, with his infinite scaling via Stardust, everyone is drawing parallels to the good ol’ 200 years meme. Here is how it all started.

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The Aurelion Sol Rework 200 Years Meme

It all started with Vandiril trying to stress test the capabilities of the new Aurelion Sol. His test came out pretty absurd on the face of it. He gathered over 40k Stardust, which showed the kit does too much damage.

YouTube video

This video shows how a higher number of Stardusts affects his abilities. However, the most important thing to note is that none of this will probably be replicated in an actual match. Getting 10k in a 30-minute game is like 3k Stardust in 3 minutes, which is pretty much impossible. 40k+ cannot even happen with the Stardust numbers you can get.

However, the meme stands as he can infinitely scale. There might be some bugs and such that will pop up with Aurelion Sol. However, it fits thematically and lore-wise well, which is great for the game going forward.

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