Ranked Season 2023: Rewards, Schedules, and More

Shadman Sabik Zaim
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The Ranked Season for League of Legends has been revamped in 2023 as rewards, schedules, and more were revealed.

League of Legends gives players opportunities to grow as a player and climb up in ranked games. However, that game mode has had way too much criticism for a while. Smurfing has been a bane to the game, along with long queues as you go higher up the ranks.

Other than the problems listed above, there are many issues in the ranked system. Thus, Riot announced the changes coming to the Ranked Season from 2023 and onwards. This is an approach to reinvigorate the player’s base to be more invested in Ranked.

Ranked will now be divided into two splits, as each will have its own rewards. The new LoL Pls video talks more about the approach and what Riot aims to do. Let’s talk about the rewards, schedules, and other information about Ranked 2023, as we are a few days away from that.

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Rewards For Ranked 2023

An entire itinerary is not available for the ranked rewards is not available, but in the LoL Pls video, we got a glimpse of it.

Ranked Rewards Split 1 2023
Image Credit: Riot Games

As per the image, we can see the following things in the rewards bar.

  • Mystery Emote
  • Hextech Keys
  • Hextech Chests
  • Champion Permanent (K’Sante)
  • Ranked Summoner Icon
  • Orange Essence
  • Eternal Series 1
  • Ranked Emote
  • Masterwork Chest

Among these, Victorious skins are also acquirable by anyone, as you can see above. The SP requirement is a lot higher for Iron – Silver than for Gold. Instead of the requirement, players will now get exclusive ranked borders and Chromas for achieving higher ranks. Also, there will be two Victorious Skins, one for each Ranked Split.

So strive to climb and gain all the rewards you can!

Ranked Season 2023 Missions

As part of Riot’s Press Release, they have revealed missions offered for Season 2023. This is part of a celebration of the new ranked season. Here are the rewards acquired through missions.

  • 2 Hextech Chests and Keys
  • 3000 Blue Essence
  • 6 Icons
    • Domination Icon
    • Inspiration Icon
    • Precision Icon
    • Resolve Icon
    • Rune Book Icon
    • Sorcery Icon
  • 8 Champion shards
    • Aatrox
    • Katarina
    • Pantheon
    • Sejuani
    • Wukong
    • Yasuo
    • Yorick
    • Zed
  • Mark Maker Ward skin
  • Season 2023 Kickoff Icon and Season 2023 Icon

Ranked Reset

As per the new system, Ranked will now have two splits, as mentioned earlier. The basic overview was provided by the LoL Pls video.

Ranked Basic Overview 2023
Image Credit: Riot Games

As shown above, there is only one preseason with a mid-year soft ranked reset between Split 1 and 2. It is a soft reset as the game will not drastically change, and Riot does not intend to make players completely do the ranked earning system all over again. Hence, it should be easier to get back to your rank at the end of Split 1 in Split 2.

Moving on, players who do not play in Split 1 will not be penalized. The mid-year reset will be less significant for people who did not play Ranked in the first split.

Ranked 2023 Start Date

Lastly, Ranked 2023 will start a little while after Patch 13.1 drops. As shared by Riot Auberaun, here are the following timers for all regions.

So gear up as we approach the start of Ranked 2023 with new rewards and more incentive to climb up for a Victorious Skin.

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