New Voiceovers For Nidalee and Varus Announced

As the new LoL Pls launched for Season 2023, plans for voiceovers have been mentioned for Nidalee and Varus.

League of Legends has seen a fair bit of reworking in the past year or so. Over that period of time, we have seen the full Udyr reworks along with several mini-reworks of Zeri, Ahri, Dr. Mundo, Tahm Kench, etc to name a few.

Riot pushing the boundaries to make champions more relevant has been a recent thing with all the updates that have been released as listed above. However, it does not end there as the new Lol Pls video talks more about new updates coming to the game.

We already are aware of the Ahri ASU update coming as well as the Aurelion Sol rework. Furthermore, the Jax update is coming in Patch 13.1 as well as an Annie update planned in 13.2 and a future Yuumi rework. There are a lot of moving parts in the game.

With more new champions coming as well like Milio and Naafiri along with two early concept champions in the backburner, champions like Nidalee and Varus are getting some voiceover updates. Here is what we know so far.

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Voiceovers For Nidalee and Varus

As mentioned in the LoL Pls video, new voiceovers are coming to Nidalee and Varus.

As Riot Lexical mentioned, the rationale is that Nidalee is related to Milio, the Ixtal Enchanter, coming this year. Additionally, Naafiri, the Darkin Assassin, is connected to Varus. Hence, Varus is also getting a voiceover update. Spideraxe has revealed who is working on the updates.

Both champions getting VO updates is an interesting choice on Riot’s part. It goes to show that the lore is part of the game despite all their heavy additions in terms of skins and gameplay updates. Thus, this indicates that Riot is paying attention to their lore to maybe carry over to their MMO. The voiceover updates are definitely one to look forward to in 2023.

Release Date

The release date for the voiceovers is unknown. Hence, we will have to wait and see when that is deployed in League of Legends.

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