Massive Annie Changes Coming in Patch 13.2

Riot has revealed some massive Annie changes for the upcoming patch 13.2

Annie is one of the oldest champions of League of Legends. And besides her visual updates, she hasn’t changed much since her release. However, she is one of the unique mages in the game, as she can summon a pet using her Ult, Tibbers. Furthermore, Tibbers is similar to a super minion but way more substantial and is controllable by Annie.

While Annie’s kit is straightforward and some would even say outdated compared to recent champions, the inclusion of Tibbers kept her relevant. Moreover, she is one of the first champions in League of Legends with a summon or pet.

But as the game got updated over the years and refined, Annie got fewer plays overall. Additionally, most of the patches Annie received mainly were bug fixes, as Tibbers had and still has a lot of bugs.

Her pick rate currently is as low as 1% in plat+ ELO. Furthermore, even with the low pick rate, her win rate is 49.51%, which is considered below average. While there are some Annie one tricks, these numbers aren’t increasing as she is not as intuitive as other mages. And to bring her back to the spotlight, Riot has teased that Annie would receive massive buffs in the upcoming patch.

Gameplay Analyst at Riot Games, RiotRayYonggi, revealed on Twitter about changes Annie will receive in subsequent patches.

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Annie Changes Patch 13.2

  • Passive – Pyromania
    • Stun is now primed on game start and respawn.
  • W – Incinerate
    • Mana cost: 90-110 >>> 70-110
  • E – Molten Shield
    • Shield Potency Buff (Numbers not determined yet)
    • Now can only reflect damage once per target, per shield
      • Note: Tibbers duplicated shield counts as a new shield
    • E base shield: 40 – 220 >>> 60 – 220
    • Damage is reflected from all damage, not just auto attacks
    • E Movement Speed: 50% decaying to 15 – 35% flat
  • R – Tibbers!
    • Tibbers HP: 1300-3100 (+0% AP) >>> 1300-3100 (+75% AP)
    • Tibbers Resists: 30-90 (+0% AP) >>> 30-90 (+5% AP)

This buff is mostly to Annie’s quality of life improvements. Specifically, it decreases the mana cost of Annie’s W. This change also increases the durability of both Tibbers and Annie.

Usually, Annie’s passive Pyromania allows her to stun opponents when she reaches max stacks. Before, the stack had to be generated manually. But now the passive can be automatically fully stacked when the game starts or when Annie respawns.

Afterward, Annie’s W receives a mana cost reduction. It is a tremendous change as most mages struggle early for a little mana pool.

Riot will also buff Annie’s E – Molten Shield. While they did not share exact numbers on the changes, we will find them out weeks before the actual patch comes out.

Finally, Annie’s ultimate – Tibbers! received a huge durability buff. Now both HP and Resists both scale with AP. With this change, Tibbers, alongside Annie, is far more potent in the late game.

Release Date

The Annie changes are expected to launch in patch 13.2, scheduled to release on Tuesday, Jan 24, 2023.

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