Faerie Court Karma Thematic Revealed

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Karma will be getting a new fairy-themed skin this year.

Riot just recently uploaded a new season 2023 LoL Pls video to their YouTube channel. In it, They gave an update on the skins and themes that will be coming in the upcoming season. There were two major names mentioned, these are Faerie Court and Cats vs. Dogs. Among the two skin lines, the Faerie Court will be a brand-new skin line to be released this year.

This Faerie Court skin line is set in a magical universe full of beauty, enchantment, nature, and majesty. Within the land, the Faerie Queen Kalista is the strongest. She rules over the seasons and empowers all Faeries in the realm, including Karma.

Just Like Kalista, Karma hasn’t received any skins last year. So, fans are quite excited about Riot announcing a Karma skin. Hopefully, Riot provides a skin that lives up to the expectations.

YouTube video

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Faerie Court Karma

Here’s the concept art of the new fairy-themed Karma skin shown in the recent Season 2023, LoL Pls video.

In Game Model

Fairy Queen Karma Model


Fairy Queen Karma Abilities

Release Date

The release date for Faerie Queen Karma has not been revealed yet.

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