Faerie Court Fiora Skin: Splash Art, Price & Release Date

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Image Credit: Riot Games

Patch 13.6 will see the release of the new Faerie Queen Fiora skin.

Another new skin release is upon us as the PBE got the new Faerie Court Skins coming in Patch 13.6. In the previous patches, League of Legends received new skins in a variety of skin lines. The notables we got in Season 13 so far are Lunar Empress Ashe, Astronaut Ivern, Heartache Amumu, and more.

For Patch 13.5, we are getting the new Broken Covenant Skins featuring skins like a new skin for Cho’Gath. Each skin line has its own unique theme as Riot tries to insert new thematics into League of Legends. Through this, Riot has created a diverse dossier of unique skins that cover a lot of the themes in terms of holidays or other fantasy aspects.

The new Faerie Court skins will be coming in Patch 13.6, headlined by Faerie Court Karma. Also, Fiora will be receiving a new skin.

Faerie Court is a theme that features the different nobles of the court that have their individual prowess. In this one, Faerie Court Fiora looks like a warrior as part of the court that deals with anything that stands in the way of the Fae.

Thus, here is what we know of Faerie Court Fiora so far.

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Splash Art

Faerie Court Fiora
Image Credit: Riot Games


Faerie Court Fiora will be an Epic Skin. Thus, the skin will cost 1350 RP.

Release Date

As Faerie Court Fiora will release in Patch 13.6, it should be available on the live server from Thursday, March 23, 2023, and onward.

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