League of Legends Upcoming Champions in 2023

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Here is a list of upcoming champions in 2023 for League of Legends.

Riot has invested a lot into introducing or updating champions in League of Legends. This is apparent as Riot is coming with many reworks, ASUs, and more. In Season 13, we have had a variety of champion reworks like the Neeko, Kayle, Azir, etc. Also, an Ivern rework is coming in Patch 13.11, and a Rell rework is in the works for the future.

In terms of champion releases, there have not been many new ones in Season 13. The only one released so far has been Milio, an Enchanter Support. This champion is pretty strong in stopping engagement and healing his duo partner. There are some champions in the works, but the release dates are unknown.

We know that Riot has said that they will reduce their champion release cadence from 2024, as they mentioned it. Usually, there are four champions in a Season. Thus, let’s outline champions that we know of who are potentially coming in Season 13 and what we know all about them.

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Upcoming Champions in 2023

There are three champions we know of that will potentially release in 2023. Here are all of them and what we know of those champions so far.

Naafiri, The Darkin Assassin

The next champion to release in 2023 will be Naafiri, an assassin champion who is reportedly a pack of hounds. There have been a lot of references by Riot about the champion being related to dogs or wolves, like “Throwing a bone” and such.

According to Riot Reav3, Naafiri will be a dark and scary monster. He also mentioned that Naafiri would be easy to pick up an assassin champion. Although, the number has been highly teased about being a pack of assassins. There are mentions of the champion being on the hunt, a lot of roaming, proper positioning, and such. Seeing how that performs on the gameplay front will be very exciting.

Knowing what we know, we are looking at a pack of Darkin assassins and it should be a neat champion that people can explore. However, we have no idea about when the champion will release as well as what sort of abilities she will have. Only time will tell, as Riot said, that they will take their time in developing this champion.

Release Date

We have no idea when the release of Naafiri will be, but it should be relatively soon as the second champion of 2023.

Briar, The Hangry Vampire

Next is the “Hangry Jungler” termed by Riot called Briar. Based on what we know and have seen in terms of splash art reveals or themes, she is likely to be a vampire. There were references to the champion being locked/restrained somewhere, and her bloodlust will not be kept in check for long.

There are mentions of the champion being from Noxus and being able to differentiate friend from foe. So we can expect a blood type champion that will have some form of regeneration ability and such. Also, we can expect some dive ability since she will be a jungle. Other than that, not much is known about the champion.

Release Date

Riot has indicated that Briar will follow shortly after Naafiri releases. We will know more after Naafiri releases.

The Ink Mage

Lastly, we have the Artist, dubbed the Ink Mage. The biggest thing we know about the champion is that he is from Ionia and he loves art. According to the latest preview of lore about the Artist, he was labeled as a torn, tortured artist. Highly complex executions were mentioned as well, so we could see a mechanically deep champion with art as the medium. This is an ambitious theme from Riot to pull off, and we are here for it.

Release Date

This is completely unknown as it seems Riot is still early in the development phase. We should know soon, in a few months’ time.

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