LoL Ivern Mini-Rework 2023: Ability Changes, Release Date, and More

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

As the mini-rework for Ivern is on the horizon, here are all the ability changes currently available on PBE.

Since last season, Riot has started to focus more on mini-reworks or mid-scope updates. With mini-rework, Riot can change a champion’s kit without completely overhauling them. As a result, these off-meta champions can be viable and enjoyable to play in the solo queue.

Many champions like Tahm Kech, Zeri, Sivir, Swain, and others received mid-scope updates in 2022. Moreover, in the first patch of this year, Jax received a rework. Additionally, in the season 13 roadmap video, Riot mentioned that we would receive at least one mid-scope update every two months. So as we continue to receive them, some of the newer ones are, Azir, Kayle, and Neeko.

Furthermore, some champions are scheduled to receive a mini-rework, one of which is Ivern.

Ivern is one of the most unique champions in League of Legends. He is designed to be an enchanter jungler, where he is played similarly to Blitzcrank. Therefore, he is more of a support than a jungler.

His main gimmick is that jungle monsters can not attack Ivern. Similarly, Ivern also cannot attack the monsters. The only way for Ivern to farm is by using his passive and waiting 2.5 seconds. After his passive is done channelling, Ivern can use his smite to gain XP and gold from the monster. Ivern can also share jungle buffs with his nearest teammate after level 5.

Because of Ivern’s unintuitive design, most people don’t like to play him. Moreover, he is very reliant on his teammate, so Ivern cannot solo carry most of the time. Because of it, Riot has announced that Ivern is receiving a mid-scope update in the upcoming mid-season update.

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Ivern Mini-Rework

Almost every ability in Ivern’s kit has been changed. Firstly his attack range increased significantly. However, Ivern isn’t a champion who can benefit greatly from this attack range increase, as his primary source of damage is his summon, Daisy.

As for ability changes, his passive received a massive nerf. Now, his passive grove HP and mana cost has increased with the maturation time. Moreover, Ivern cannot share red and blue buff. The main reason for removing the buff-sharing mechanic is that all the jungler after the mid-season update can share the buff after a certain period in the match.

Ivern’s Q received minor adjustments as it is only a quality-of-life change. His W, on the other hand, only received buffs. The nearby allies also gain a slight AP boost, and the ammo recharge time has reduced substantially to flat 20 seconds.

His E – Triggerseed also received some massive changes. After the shield detonates, the ally would gain another shield for 2 seconds if no enemies got hit. Because of this change, Riot nerfed both the shield amount and detonation damage.

Now let’s talk about Ivern’s most iconic ability, Daisy’s changes. Upon summoning, if enemies are nearby, Daisy deals magic damage to them and knocks them up. However, her slam knock-out duration also decreased slightly. While the slam damage increased somewhat, her AD damage was also reduced. And finally, Riot also reduced Ivern’s ultimate cooldown.

Ability Changes

  • Attack range increased 475 >>> 525
  • Passive – Friend of the Forest
    • Grove HP cost increased 98-0 >>> 131-0 (based on level)
    • Grove mana cost increased 90-0 >>> 113-0 (based on level)
    • Grove maturation time increased 40-1 >>> 50-1 (based on level)
    • Ivern no longer shares red/blue buff because all junglers will be able to
  • Q – Rootcaller
    • Ivern now dashes into his maximum range when not recasting. Upon recast he will dash directly onto the enemy
  • W – Brushmaker
    • [W-P] Nearby allies’ attacks now also gain an additional 5/7.5/10/12.5/15 (+10% AP) magic damage for 1.5 seconds
    • Ammo recharge time reduced 40/36/32/28/24 >>> 20 flat seconds
    • Brush will now disappear if Ivern’s team loses vision inside of them
  • E – Triggerseed
    • If the shield detonates and no enemy champions are hit, the ally is shielded again for 2 more seconds
    • Shield reduced 80/115/150/185/220 (+75% AP) >>> 70/100/130/160/190 (+60% AP)
    • Damage reduced 70/90/110/130/150 (+80% AP) >>> 60/80/100/120/140 (+70% AP)
    • Cooldown increased 11/10/9/8/7 >>> 12/11/10/9/8 seconds
  • R – Daisy!
    • Now deals 90/110/130 (+20% AP) magic damage and knocks up enemies for 0.75 seconds upon arrival
    • Slam knockup duration reduced 1 >>> 0.75 seconds
    • Slam damage adjusted 0 (+100% Daisy’s AD) (+20% AP) >>> 40/60/80 (+100% Daisy’s AD) (+20% AP)
    • Daisy’s AD reduced 70/100/170 (+30% AP) >>> 55/70/85 (+10% AP)
    • Cooldown reduced 140/130/120 >>> 120/110/100 seconds

Ivern Mini-Rework Release Date

Ivern’s mid-scope update is expected to hit live servers on patch 13.11, scheduled to release on Thursday, June 1, 2023.

Soumyo Deb is a League of Legends writer at GameRiv and a dedicated Jungle Main. When he is not writing about the latest League news, he is testing out various off-meta champions in the jungle.