LoL Infinity Edge Mythic Item: Stats, Changes, and More

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Infinity Edge is one of the three ADC items being promoted to a Mythic Item in Patch 13.10.

Riot is getting ready to launch League of Legends‘ biggest patch of the year in Patch 13.10. This will bring to the rift a whole list of changes, mostly items are being adjusted. Also, the new Snow Moon skins will be coming in this patch as well. A few champions are also getting small buffs.

This is one of the biggest patches in League of Legends for Season 13. Although, it is baffling as to why Riot does cataclysmic changes in the midseason. It is also not synced up with the end of Ranked Split 1 as well, which could cause a lot of problems. Thankfully, the patch is coming during MSI 2023, so the international tournament is not getting derailed with changes that could cause a lot of chaos in the meta.

Summer Splits will be interesting to watch as pro play will be completely changed with all of the stuff coming in. Hopefully, Riot will do enough testing on the items to make changes and will not take a patch or two after Patch 13.10 to address the issues. Coming back to the changes, the ADC position is getting a lot of changes, so players will need to adjust their play style.

The new items will change ADC builds across the board and will make several other champions viable. New Mythics like Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Navori Quickblade, and Infinity Edge will diversify League of Legends in the long term. Thus, in this article, let’s talk about Infinity Edge and what this new version will do in League of Legends.

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Infinity Edge Mythic Item

Before talking about the implications of the item, let’s lay out the stats.

Image Credit: Riot Games
  • Build Path: B.F. Sword (1300) + Pickaxe (875) + Cloak of Agility (600) + 625 Gold
  • Gold Cost: 3400 Gold.
  • Attack Damage: 70.
  • Critical Strike Chance: 20%.
  • Critical Strike Damage: 35%.
  • Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary items 5 Attack Damage.

In most people’s eyes, this item will look fairly underwhelming. However, given what it previously did, this is essentially the same with the same price, build path, and the Passive being changed to a baseline stat.

The Mythic Passive is a little underwhelming, but Infinity Edge was strong before, and this should not change that. However, going up against other Mythics like Guinsoo’s, Navori, and Galeforce may cause Infinity Edge to be built less. Time will tell how this pans out.

Release Date

The new Infinity Edge will be coming on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, the day Patch 13.10 hits the live servers.

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