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This is the article to see all about MSI 2023 and all the details that come with it.

League of Legends MSI 2023 is around the corner, as the Play-ins start less than a week from now. There is a lot of anticipation building for MSI as it’s happening in the UK for the first time. Thirteen teams are gearing up to travel to the UK and perform at the highest level to achieve a trophy.

The list of teams participating in MSI 2023 can be found in this article. Other than that, there are some nice details we already know of for MSI 2023. There will be exclusive Esports drops for the tournament, and Patch 13.8 will be the official version used in the tournament. Milio and Yuumi will be disabled for the duration of MSI 2023 as the former was not enabled in regional playoffs, while Yuumi is fairly new in terms of reworks in Riot’s eyes.

Regardless, the new format of the MSI, along with a first-time hosting for the UK, brings in a lot of excitement. Also, the less best of one’s will always be better on the competitive front. Let’s talk about everything MSI does in terms of schedule, teams participating, and more.

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How To Watch MSI 2023

Riot will be broadcasting the matches on the following platforms.

  • Twitch
  • Youtube

You can directly watch the streams for both over on the official LoLEsports Twitch or Youtube channel as well as from the LoLEsports website. Logging in from your Riot account and watching on the LoLEsports Website will also enable Esports Drops.

Also, Riot announced that several co-streams would be allowed for the tournament, so follow the social media platforms to learn if your favorite streamer is getting the rights to do so.

Qualified Teams At MSI 2023

With the change of the format, thirteen teams will participate in MSI 2023. Two of the top teams from the four major regions will participate, along with one team from the rest of the regions. Here is the list of teams.

Korea – LCK

  • Gen.G (1st Seed)
  • T1 (2nd Seed)

China – LPL

  • JD Gaming (1st Seed)
  • Bilibili Gaming (2nd Seed)


  • MAD Lions (1st Seed)
  • G2 Esports (2nd Seed)

North America – LCS

  • Cloud9 (1st Seed)
  • Golden Guardians (2nd Seed)

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, South East Asia, and Oceania – PCS

  • PSG Talon

Vietnam – VCS

  • GAM Esports

Japan – LJL

  • Detonation FocusME

Brazil – CBLOL

  • LOUD

Latin America – LLA

  • Movistar R7

MSI 2023 Groups and Brackets


With a format revamp, the Play-ins consist of two double-elimination brackets from which three teams will move on to the Brackets stage. Here are the two Groups of MSI 2023 Play-Ins.

MSI 2023 Play-Ins

Group A

There will be four teams in Group A, and they are as follows.

  • Bilibili Gaming (BLG)
  • GAM Esports (GAM)
  • Golden Guardians (GG)
  • Movistar R7 (R7)

With how the format is, the group will be put in a double elimination bracket where the winner qualifies for the MSI 2023 Brackets Stage. For the first matchups, BLG will face R7, while GAM will face GG.

Group B

Like Group A, there will also be four teams in Group B.

  • G2 Esports (G2)
  • PSG Talon (PSG)
  • Detonation FocusME (DFM)
  • LOUD (LLL)

G2 will face LLL, while PSG will play DFM. This is the most wide-open group of the two, so it will be very interesting to see how it pans out.

Brackets Stage

Like the Play-Ins, the Brackets Stage will be one double-elimination bracket. Currently, we only know of five teams in this stage of the tournament, while there are three more that will join in from the Play-Ins. The teams that will be in the Brackets Stage are as follows.

  • Gen.G (LCK 1st Seed)
  • T1 (LCK 2nd Seed)
  • JD Gaming (JDG)
  • MAD Lions (MAD)
  • Cloud9 (C9)
  • MSI 2023 Play-Ins Group A Winner
  • MSI 2023 Play-Ins Group B Winner
  • MSI 2023 Last Chance Qualifier Winner

MSI 2023 Schedule

The tournament is set to start on May 2, with the Play-Ins followed by the Brackets Stage. Dates for the different stages are as follows.

  • Play-Ins: May 2 – 7.
  • Brackets Stage: May 9 – 21.

Here are the full schedule and results for MSI 2023.


Tuesday, May 2

  • Detonation FocusME vs. PSG Talon at 5 am PST.
  • LOUD vs G2 Esports at 8 am PST.

Wednesday, May 3

  • Movistar R7 vs Bilibili Gaming at 5 am PST.
  • GAM Esports vs Golden Guardians at 8 am PST.

Thursday, May 4

  • Bilibili Gaming vs Golden Guardians at 5 am PST.
  • PSG Talon vs G2 Esports at 8 am PST.

Friday, May 5

  • GAM Esports vs Movistar R7 at 5 am PST.
  • Detonation FocusME vs LOUD at 8 am PST.

Saturday, May 6

  • Golden Guardians vs TBD at 4 am PST.
  • PSG Talon vs TBD at 7 am PST.

Sunday, May 7

  • Bilibili Gaming vs Golden Guardians at 4 am PST.

Bracket Stage

Tuesday, May 9

  • Gen.G vs G2 Esports at 5 am PST.

Wednesday, May 10

  • MAD Lions vs T1 at 5 am PST.

Thursday, May 11

  • Cloud9 vs Bilibili Gaming at 5 am PST.

Friday, May 12

  • JD Gaming vs Golden Guardians at 5 am PST.

Saturday, May 13

  • Gen.G vs T1 at 4 am PST.
  • MAD Lions vs G2 Esports at 7 am PST.

Sunday, May 14

  • JD Gaming vs Bilibili Gaming at 4 am PST.
  • Golden Guardians vs Cloud 9 at 7 am PST.

Tuesday, May 16

  • G2 Esports vs Bilibili Gaming at 5 am PST.

Wednesday, May 17

  • Gen.G vs Cloud 9 at 5 am PST.

Thursday, May 18

  • JD Gaming vs T1 at 5 am PST.

Friday, May 19

  • Gen.G vs Bilibili Gaming at 5 am PST.

Saturday, May 20

  • T1 vs Bilibili Gaming at 4 am PST.

Sunday, May 21

  • JD Gaming vs Bilibili Gaming at 4 am PST.

MSI 2023 Results

Here are all the results for the matches at MSI 2023


Tuesday, May 25 am PSTDFM vs PSG0-2 (PSG)
Tuesday, May 28 am PSTLLL vs G20-2 (G2)
Wednesday, May 35 am PSTR7 vs BLG0-2 (BLG)
Wednesday, May 38 am PSTGAM vs GG0-2 (GG)
Thursday, May 45 am PSTBLG vs GG2-1 (BLG)
Thursday, May 48 am PSTPSG vs G20-2 (G2)
Friday, May 55 am PSTGAM vs R71-2 (R7)
Friday, May 58 am PSTDFM vs LLL0-2 (LLL)
Saturday, May 64 am PSTGG vs R72-0 (GG)
Saturday, May 67 am PSTPSG vs LLL2-0 (PSG)
Sunday, May 74 am PSTGG vs PSG3-0 (PSG)

Knockouts Stage

Tuesday, May 95 am PSTGen.G vs G23-1 (Gen.G)
Wednesday, May 105 am PSTMAD vs T10-3 (T1)
Thursday, May 115 am PSTC9 vs BLG0-3 (BLG)
Friday, May 125 am PSTJDG vs GG3-0 (JDG)
Saturday, May 134 am PSTGen.G vs T12-3 (T1)
Saturday, May 137 am PSTMAD vs G20-3 (G2)
Sunday, May 144 am PSTJDG vs BLG3-0 (JDG)
Sunday, May 147 am PSTGG vs C91-3 (C9)
Tuesday, May 165 am PSTG2 vs BLG1-3 (BLG)
Wednesday, May 175 am PSTGen.G vs C93-0 (Gen.G)
Thursday, May 185 am PSTJDG vs T13-2 (JDG)
Friday, May 195 am PSTGen.G vs BLG0-3 (BLG)
Saturday, May 204 am PSTT1 vs BLG1-3 (BLG)
Sunday, May 214 am PSTJDG vs TBD3-1 (BLG)

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