LoL Guinsoo’s Rageblade Mythic Item: Stats, Changes, and More

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Guinsoo’s Rageblade is being promoted to a Mythic Item with a hybrid stat line in Patch 13.10.

League of Legends is getting a bunch of sweeping changes in Patch 13.10. Plenty of items are getting their shine with multiple adjustments coming. There are also a few champion updates that are getting some AP scaling ratio.

Riot is taking a step forward as they acknowledge that the Mythic System has had a problem. Thus, Riot is primarily changing ADC items along with Lethality items and more. It seems that the ADC build paths were too limiting or not diverse enough in Riot’s eyes. This looks like a last-ditch effort from Riot to balance a really strong role in League of Legends right now.

The ADC items are getting a lot of changes, such as shuffling Mythic Items, such as getting new ones and demoting some of the current ones to Legendary status. Riot hopes this will make ADCs pick a specific build path like full Crit, full On-Hit, and such.

The upgraded Guinsoo’s Rageblade fits that bill, as Riot is bringing back the hybrid build styles. Many items are getting AP ratios, with Guinsoo’s leading the charge. Here is everything we know about the new ADC Mythic item that could change the landscape of League of Legends.

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Guinsoo’s Rageblade Mythic Item

Before continuing the conversation about Guinsoo’s Rageblade, let’s lay out the stats of the new Mythic item.

Image Credit: Riot Games
  • Build Path: Amplifying Tome (435) + Rageknife (1200) + Pickaxe (875) + 690 Gold.
  • Gold Cost: 3200 Gold.
  • Attack Damage: 30.
  • Ability Power: 30.
  • Attack Speed: 25%.
  • Unique Passive – Wrath:
    • Attacks apply 30 On-Hit magic damage. Your Critical Strike Chance is converted into up to 200 more.
    • Wrath cannot benefit from more than 100% Critical Strike Chance.
    • Wrath’s On-Hit damage conversion is affected by Critical Strike damage modifiers.
  • Unique Passive – Seething Strike:
    • Basic attacks grant 8% Attack Speed, stacking up to 4 times for a maximum of 32% Attack Speed. While fully stacked, every third Attack applies your On-Hit effects twice.
  • Mythic Passive:
    • Grants all other Legendary items 5% Armor Penetration and 6% Magic Penetration.

This item will revolutionize ADC item builds. It opens all the AP builds for champions like Twitch, Kai’Sa, Kog’Maw, Kayle, etc. There will be more AP champions that will opt for this type of builds, like Ekko, Diana, Kayle, Teemo, etc. This could be one of the best things coming to League of Legends as of late.

Some are concerned whether this item will be too strong, and there are definitely signs that it might be. It will be up to Riot to test it properly before releasing it in the live servers and nerf it in the future quickly if it causes problems.

Release Date

The Mythic version of Guinsoo’s Rageblade will be coming in Patch 13.10. This patch is set to release on Wednesday, May 17, 2023.

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