New Snow Moon Skins Revealed for Patch 13.10

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Riot is releasing three new skins to the Snow Moon skin line in Patch 13.10

There has been a fair bit of new skins that have been released for League of Legends in Season 13. This year, Riot is following a particular pattern of releasing a big skin line followed by a smaller skin line. After that, the cycle repeats itself.

Through this process, Riot seems to have found a good balance in terms of skin release cadence and not too much workload on their dev team while they work on new themes. This has earned players new skins for champions like Singed, Volibear, Amumu, etc.

Throughout this year, there have also been many unique themes that Riot has inserted into the game. This time around, it will be a frost-themed skin line as Snow Moon makes a reappearance. Three skins are coming for Varus, Morgana, and Ahri, as this is the small skin release patch.

The skin line features a wintery look with the visuals of the cold breeze and glacial effects. This also gives Varus a new skin as well as Morgana. As usual, Ahri remains a top priority in terms of skins for Riot. With that said, let’s talk about all the skins in this skin line.

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Snow Moon Skins

As mentioned, there are three skins coming for Snow Moon in Patch 13.11, and they are as follows.

It seems all the skins will be Epic, as no hints of either of the skins being legendary have been found.

Release Date

The Snow Moon Skins will be releasing a day after Patch 13.10, which is set to be live on Thursday, May 17, 2023.

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