Predicting the MSI 2023 Meta

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Here we try to predict our MSI 2023 meta given new patches and other trends.

League of Legends MSI 2023 is set to start soon as the teams in the play-ins are gearing up to compete for three spots in the Brackets Stage. Later today, the first day of MSI 2023, is going to start with DFM vs PSG. As we look forward to that, we have a lot of content covered for MSI 2023.

We have already done our tier list for teams as well as the top five players of each of the different roles. Also, there will be drops enabled for MSI 2023, and this is how you can get them. For the first time, there will also be co-streams for an international tournament to watch your favorite streamer and the tournament.

Continuing on, it is always hard to predict what an international tournament’s meta will be like. There are many ways to try and predict that, but it becomes a sort of guessing game before the tournament starts. Here is our tier list for MSI 2023 in terms of champions.

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MSI 2023 Meta Tier List

Behind the scenes, we worked on a tier list that could be the MSI 2023 meta. There are many different champions to talk about as we have arranged them from S Tier to D tier. Below is the infographic and a breakdown of why we went for these champions in those specific tiers in reverse order.

As per usual, there are many S-Tier champions and many A/B-Tier champions in the meta. Do note that in most cases, the A to C Tiers are picked more often than the S tier (since they are mostly banned).


At the D tier, we have the lowest priorities or fringe picks of MSI 2023. There has been plenty of Olaf nerfs to suggest that we probably will not see him as much. Although it could be that teams will still keep banning him and later drop him in priority.

There are many other champions in the list, like Rell, Galio, Viktor, LeBlanc, Yone, etc., that we could see being picked depending on the champions. Also, Renekton, Azir, and Draven make the list because, somehow, these champions always make their way to the meta even though they shouldn’t.


Coming to C-Tier, there are a lot of champions to talk about. The infamous Lucian Nami fits here as that pick combo has teetered off in terms of effectiveness. Also, several fringe ADCs like Caitlyn and Ezreal make the list. There are also plenty of supports in this tier as well as many other useful champions.

Cassiopeia could be one of those champions that could be a high priority given the meta. Graves, Gwen, and Viego, could also be in that same boat.

This is the tier where comfort comes in handy, as many players might default to a Gnar or play something whacky like a Lillia. Overall, it’s a decent tier where we could see many champions being played at MSI 2023.


This is where the bulk of the MSI 2023 mostly picked champions should start. There are a few strong counter-picks in this tier, like Braum into melee supports or Sylas into certain champions/compositions. Also, there are great safe picks like Tahm Kench, Sion, Aphelios, etc. A good tier with many interesting champions that teams could default to depending on the matchups.

The surprise here is Poppy, as she has seen quite a bit of climb in terms of win and pick rate in higher elos, and she has flex potential.


This tier is practically where all the relatively strong champions are. S tiers are the best of the best, but there are not many that you can make a team comp out of them. As you can probably see, there are a ton of junglers on this tier, and it’s because a lot of them sort of counter each other.

We could literally list out all the matchups, but it would honestly take us days. Ornn could be the surprise pick of this tier, as his recent solo queue numbers and chatter around the champion have been that he is too strong in a top lane tank meta.

There are also many mainstays in this tier, like the Nautilus, Sejuani, Lee Sin, Wukong, K’Sante, Xayah, etc.


Lastly, we come to the S-Tier, and there should be no real surprise as to how this turned out. Annie and Ahri have been meta for ages, and no one really can answer them, as well as most champions. The strongest pick will be Annie, and we can expect that to be permabanned at MSI 2023.

There is also Jarvan IV, which made quite the surge after his buffs, and he should be one of the strongest jungler in the patch alongside Maokai. Jayce and Kennen are way ahead of many of the top laners, and we have a fair of players who like these two champions.

Then there is Thresh, Jinx, and Rakan, which frankly have been three of the strongest champions in the past few patches in the bot lane. The surprise pick is obviously Gragas, but that is due to his triple-flex potential. Across all leagues, there has been quite a bit of rotating in terms of Gragas going top/jungle/mid. Expect that to remain the same.

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