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R6S pro league finals

Rainbow Six Pro League Season 11 FINALS Cancelled

With COVID-19 declared a pandemic, everyone around the world seems to be affected by it in some way, except Rainbow Six Siege until now. Ubisoft...
FNS Csgo

North American CSGO team Orgless in dire need of a coach

The North American roster currently taking part in Flashpoint 1 are looking for a coach/analyst to guide them Orgless earned their place in flashpoint 1 by...
Navi CSGO back on top

Na`Vi CS:GO reinherits the throne

Recently Na`Vi(Natus Vincere) dethroned Astralis from their number 1 spot after being the kings for 4 straight months. The CIS giants...
Capcom coronavirus

Capcom responds to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus

Capcom removes three events from their pro tour lineup as a precaution against Coronavirus. At this point in time, many companies and...

Is Gen.G the next biggest thing in North American CSGO?

Last year, On 6th November Global esports organization, Gen.G, announced the formation of its first CS:GO team. The roster included some of...

Apex Legends Global Series Major 1 has been postponed due to the Coronavirus

Apex Legends Global Series Major 1 that was supposed to be held on March 1st just got postponed until any further notice.
Apex Legend selection

Apex Fan Came up with a Simple Concept for the Legend Selection Menu

If you ever tried to multitask while playing Apex Legends you might have come across this problem that has been plaguing the game since day...
apex systemoverrideevent

Former LOL player who spent $2,900 Warns Apex Fans on the Dangers of Overspending

Apex Legends just launched its System Override event that will include the Octane heirloom guaranteed for approximately $170. Former League of Legends...
airship assassin wraith

Why is wraith’s airship assassin the most sought after skin in Apex Legends?

The rarity of Legendary skins in a free-to-play live service game is what makes it financially viable. This holds true for Apex Legends wraiths exclusive...
apex legends buff concepts

Apex Fan-Made Concept for weaker Characters are Worth Considering

To say some of the characters in Apex Legends are in a dire need of a buff would be an understatement. So, Apex fans made...