How to Watch MSI 2023

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Here is how you can watch MSI 2023

MSI 2023 is starting a couple of hours from now, as League of Legends is getting its first international tournament of the year. This time around, the format has massively changed since we last saw an MSI tournament. The addition of a double-elimination format will have huge benefits for all the players and teams.

There are a total of thirteen teams coming to MSI 2023, and a list of the teams coming to the tournament can be found here. We also did our power rankings for the teams as well. The tournament is set up to be a big one.

Riot has already announced that there will be special esports drops for watching games, as well as more to come soon. This is gearing up to be a good international tournament where we get a feel of how the regions match up with each other. Let’s talk about where you can watch these games.

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MSI 2023 Schedule

MSI 2023 will start from May 2 as the Play-Ins are first and the Brackets Stage following that.

  • Play-Ins will start from May 2 and will continue until May 6. This will decide the first two teams qualifying for the Brackets Stage.
  • Next will be the Last Chance Qualifier, which will be on May 7 to determine the last team going to the Brackets Stage.
  • The Brackets Stage will start from May 9 until May 21 for the rest of the tournament. May 21 is the date for the Finals, and the new revamped format will see us watching many best-of-fives and a double-elimination bracket.

Where to watch?

MSI 2023 will be available to watch on the LOL Esports official Youtube and Twitch channels. But if you are looking to watch the broadcast in different languages, here’s a list of other platforms to watch MSI 2023 on:

EnglishLoL Esports Youtube
Riot Games Twitch
South KoreaLCK Korea Twitch
Afreeca TV
BrazilCBLOL Youtube
Nimo TV
FranceOTP Twitch
South AmericaLLA Youtube
ChinaBilibili Gaming


Rewards can be gained from LoLEsports official website by logging in while watching. Also, different servers have their own watch rewards depending on the different broadcasters.

For the first time, MSI 2023 will have co-streamers with popular streamers like Caedral, IWIllDominate, Ibai, and many more in different languages. Catch them to watch your steamer react to games. Also, qualified teams are allowed to co-stream as well. This is a great move by Riot to get more fans into MSI 2023.

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