All Skins Released in League of Legends 2022

How many skins were released in 2022? Let’s find out.

Skins are primarily cosmetic items that change a character’s or object’s appearance in a game. These are mostly paid additions and have no gameplay advantages. That being said, skins are primarily prevalent in free-to-play games and act as their primary monetization method. So, League being a free-to-play game, has a fair share of skins.

The year 2022 has been a big year for skins in general in League of Legends. We received a plethora of new skin lines, such as the Empyrean, Anime Squad, Porcelain, Winterblessed, etc. Riot also brought back much-requested skin lines like Star Guardian, Space Groove, and Spirit Blossom. We also surpassed the 1300 unique skins mark this year.

That being said, many are curious about how many skins were released in 2022. Today we are here to answer the question.

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How Many Skins Were Released In League of Legends 2022?

This year we received a total of 148 skins which is the same as last year. We also received 10 Legendary Skins, which is less than last year’s 11, although we did receive more Epic, Mythic skins, and brand new Honor skins this year.

Legendary Skins10
Mythic Skins & Prestige Skins17
Epic Skins114
Esports Themed Skins6
Honor Skins1

All League of Legends Skins in 2022

Here’s a list of all the skins released in 2022,

Legendary Skins

Legendary skins are one of the highest tier skins in League of Legends, second to only Ultimate skins. These skins come with improved VFX/SFX, recall animations, and additional voice lines.

This year we got 10 Legendary skins, which are very high quality.

Skin LineChampionsRelease DatePatch
PorcelainEzrealJanuary 20, 2022Patch 12.2
Anime SquadMiss FortuneMarch 30, 2022Patch 12.6
EclipseSivirApril 27, 2022Patch 12.7
High NoonLeonaMay 11, 2022Patch 12.9
Star GuardianKai’SaJuly 14, 2022Patch 12.13
Star GuardianAkaliJuly 28, 2022Patch 12.14
Spirit BlossomSettOctober 5, 2022Patch 12.19
EmpyreanPykeNovember 2, 2022Patch 12.21
Space GrooveTeemoNovember 16, 2022Patch 12.22
WinterblessedDianaDecember 8, 2022Patch 12.23

Mythic Skins & Prestige Skins

The Mythic Skins & Prestige Skins return this year and are better than ever.

The past year’s Prestige Skins were not exactly the best-looking skins; they were essentially a golden chroma with some new effects. So, due to community backlash, Riot, this year, decided to revamp the Prestige Skins, creating the Prestige 2.0 skins. They also added some new high-quality Mythic Skins as well this year.

Here’s a list of this year’s Mythic Skins & Prestige Skins,

Skin LineChampionsRelease DatePatch
PorcelainPorcelain Lux Prestige EditionJanuary 20, 2022Patch 12.2
PhoenixmancerBrave Phoenix Xayah Prestige EditionFebruary 16, 2022Patch 12.4
Anime SquadBattle Cat Jinx Prestige EditionMarch 30, 2022Patch 12.6
Ashen KnightPykeMarch 30, 2022Patch 12.6
EclipseLunar Eclipse Senna Prestige EditionApril 27, 2022Patch 12.7
High NoonHigh Noon Talon Prestige EditionMay 11, 2022Patch 12.9
Ocean SongOcean Song Seraphine Prestige EditionJune 8, 2022Patch 12.11
Ashen ConquerorPantheonJune 23, 2022Patch 12.12
Star GuardianStar Guardian Ekko Prestige EditionJuly 13, 2022Patch 12.13
Star GuardianStar Guardian Syndra Prestige EditionJuly 27, 2022Patch 12.14
Steel ValkyriesCyber Halo Janna Prestige EditionAugust 24, 2022Patch 12.16
Ashen SlayerSylasSeptember 21, 2022Patch 12.18
Spirit BlossomSpirit Blossom Master Yi Prestige EditionOctober 5, 2022Patch 12.19
EmpyreanEmpyrean K’Sante Prestige EditionNovember 2, 2022Patch 12.21
Space GrooveSpace Groove Nami Prestige EditionNovember 16, 2022Patch 12.22
WinterblessedWinterblessed Warwick Prestige EditionDecember 8, 2022Patch 12.23
Ashen GraveknightMordekaiserDecember 8, 2022Patch 12.23

Epic Skins

Epic Skins are the bread and butter of skins in League of Legends. Since Riot scrapped 520 RP – 795 RP skins; Epic skins have become the norm. These skins are high-quality skins comparable to Legendary skins without the additional voice lines.

Skin LineChampionsRelease DatePatch
ElderwoodRek’sai, GnarJanuary 5, 2022Patch 12.1
PorcelainAmumu, Lissandra, Kindred, LuxJanuary 20, 2022Patch 12.2
FirecrackerSett, Teemo, Tristana, Diana, Xin ZhaoJanuary 20, 2022Patch 12.2
Withered RoseZeri, EliseJanuary 20 & February 2, 2022Patch 12.2 & Patch 12.3
Crystal RoseAkshan, JannaFebruary 2, 2022Patch 12.3
ShockbladeQiyana, Kassadin, ShenFebruary 16, 2022Patch 12.4
Steel ValkyriesRenata GlascFebruary 16, 2022Patch 12.4
Arcane/FirelightEkkoFebruary 16, 2022Patch 12.4
BeeHeimerdinger, Orianna, Nunu & Willump, ZiggsMarch 2, 2022Patch 12.5
Anima SquadSylas, Vayne, Riven, JinxMarch 30, 2022Patch 12.6
ArcanaAhri, Hecarim, Ryze, Rakan, XayahApril 13, 2022Patch 12.7
EclipseSejuani, Senna, Kayle, AatroxApril 27, 2022Patch 12.8
Ruined King: A League of Legends StoryYasuo, GangplankApril 27, 2022Patch 12.8
High NoonTalon, Varus, Katarina, Mordekaiser, Viktor, Twitch, Sion, Samira, Tahm KenchMay 11 & 25, 2022Patch 12.9 & Patch 12.10
Ocean SongSeraphine, Ashe, Yone, Zeri, NidaleeJune 8, 2022Patch 12.11
Snow MoonKayn, Illaoi, CaitlynJune 23, 2022Patch 12.12
Star GuardianEkko, Fiddlesticks, Nilah, Sona, Rell, Morgana, Quinn, TaliyahJuly 13 & 27, 2022Patch 12.13 & Patch 12.14
Monster TamerLulu, Kog’Maw, VeigarAugust 10, 2022Patch 12.15
Steel ValkyriesLucian, Nasus, Janna, CamilleAugust 24, 2022Patch 12.16
Zenith GamesBlitzcrank, Jayce, Lee SinSeptember 8, 2022Patch 12.17
Ages of RuneterraViegoSeptember 8, 2022Patch 12.17
Fright NightAnnie, Renata Glasc, Nautilus, Draven, Urgot, TrundleSeptember 21, 2022Patch 12.18
Spirit BlossomAphelios, Soraka, Yorick, Darius, Master Yi, Evelynn, Syndra, TristanaOctober 5, 2022Patch 12.19
BewitchingAnivia, Senna, LeBlanc, Neeko, CassiopeiaOctober 19, 2022Patch 12.20
EmpyreanJax, Zac, Zed, Vex, Jhin, Lux, K’SanteNovember 2, 2022Patch 12.21
Space GrooveGragas, Lissandra, Nami, Ornn, Taric, Twisted FateNovember 16, 2022Patch 12.22
VictoriousSejuaniNovember 16, 2022Patch 12.22
WinterblessedWarwick, Shaco, Swain, Zilean, ZoeDecember 7, 2022Patch 12.23

Esports Themed Skins

The esports-themed skins are given to the winners of Worlds tournaments of the past year. Also, the Worlds themed skins are given to champions that have the most impact on the year.

Skin LineChampionsRelease DatePatch
EDG GravesMay 11, 2022Patch 12.9
EDGViegoMay 11, 2022Patch 12.9
EDGZoeMay 11, 2022Patch 12.9
EDGApheliosMay 11, 2022Patch 12.9
EDGYummiMay 11, 2022Patch 12.9
WorldsAzirSeptember 22, 2022Patch 12.18

Honor Skins

Honor Skins are one of the newer lines of skins to be added to League of Legends. These are essentially free skins awarded to players who have remained positive and gained Honor level 5 this year.

Skin LineChampionsRelease DatePatch
Three HonorsMalzaharNovember 14, 2022Patch 12.22

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