LoL EDG Worlds 2021 Skins: Splash Art, Price, Release Date, and More

Rifat Mahmood
By Rifat Mahmood
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Image Via Riot Games

Almost after six months of EDG winning World Championship 2021, Riot just announced EDG Worlds skins, and they look stunning.

For League of Legends teams, winning Worlds is the greatest achievement. World Championship gives teams from all over the world a chance to compete and claim the status of the best team in the world. From the start of the League, fans have seen 9 different teams win the Worlds trophy.

Riot also releases skins of the winning team each year to celebrate their glory and immortalize them in the game. Last year fans received DWG worlds skins. And this year, it’s time for Worlds 2021 EDG skins.

Recently there have been some leaks about the EDG skins, and now there is official confirmation from Riot.

EDG Skins Confirmed

LoL Esports (@lolesports on Twitter) just confirmed all the rumors and announced World Championship EDG skins. The champions getting EDG skins are Graves, Viego, Zoe, Aphelios, and Yummi. The skins look gorgeous in the splash art.

Release Date

DWG worlds skins came out on April 29, 2021, just before MSI 2021. This year, it should be the same, and EDG Worlds’ skins will be released before or during MSI 2022.


Nothing has been confirmed yet. But previous worlds skins were Epic tier skins. So this year should be the same.

  • Top: EDG Graves – 1350 RP (Epic)
  • Jungle: EDG Viego – 1350 RP (Epic)
  • Mid: EDG Zoe – 1350 RP (Epic)
  • Bot: EDG Aphelios – 1350 RP (Epic)
  • Support: EDG Yummi – 1350 RP (Epic)

Splash Art

EDG Skins
EDG Skins, Image Via Riot Games

Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.