LoL Monster Tamer Veigar, Lulu, and Kog’Maw Skins

Riot Games officially reveals the 2022 Monster Tamer skins for Veigar, Lulu, and Kog’Maw — releasing on League of Legends patch 12.15.

The last few years have been incredible for Riot Games in terms of skins released in League of Legends. Riot pretty much eliminated the 1000-day no skin club list by releasing new skins for “unpopular” champions & reintroduced some of the fan-favorite skins in 2022.

Moreover, to level up their skin games, Riot even introduced “Pick Thematics,” where fans get to choose what skins they want in League of Legends.

Based on last year’s voting result, Crime City Nightmare won by a huge margin in every region. But, in China, Debonair secured the top spot, followed by Monster Tamers closely after. As a result, Riot decided to release Debonair skins last year and earlier this year announced that the 3rd place skin line, Monsters Tamers, will also make their way into League of Legends in 2022.

Now, Riot Games has officially revealed the Monster Tamer 2022 skins for Veigar, Lulu, and Kog’Maw.

Though there were Ezreal and Janna in last year’s concepts arts, it’s still uncertain whether they will come out or not.

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Release Date

Monster Tamer Veigar, Lulu, and Kog’Maw skins will release on League of Legends patch 12.15, August 11, 2022.


  • Monster Tamer Veigar – 1350RP (Epic Skin)
  • Monster Tamer Lulu – 1350RP (Epic Skin)
  • Monster Tamer Kog’Maw – 1350RP (Epic Skin)

Splash Art

Monster Tamer Lulu & Kog’Maw

Monster Tamer Lulu & Kog'Maw
Image: Riot Games

Monster Tamer Veigar

Monster Tamer Veigar
Image: Riot Games

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