League of Legends Early 2023 Champion Roadmap

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has unveiled the champion roadmap for season 2023 of League of Legends.

Since preseason 2023 is here, Riot has shared various changes coming to League of Legends in this all-new season 13. Moreover, they recently shared more up-to-date release orders for upcoming content and additions.

A couple of months earlier, Riot announced that they would be releasing three new champions. These champions are K’Sante, a Darkin assassin, and an Ixtali enchanter. Alongside new champions, they announced the estimated release date for Ahri’s ASU. In addition, they also unveiled a lot of new information about Aurelion Sol’s CGU.

With the release of K’Sante in patch 12.21, two more champions are remaining to be released in season 13.

After releasing the preseason 2023 roadmap video, Riot Reav3 revealed the champion release order for 2023. But with the early release of K’Sante and Fright Nights skins, alongside delaying the Aurelion Sol CGU, Riot has updated their champion release order.

Recently, Riot uploaded a new dev log in their Bilibili channel (a Chinese video-sharing site). In that video, they revealed their new and updated champion roadmap for early 2023.

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Champion Roadmap 2023

Here is the current updated champion order for early 2023:

  1. Ahri ASU
  2. Aurelion Sol CGU
  3. Ixtali Enchanter
  4. Darkin Assassin

Moreover, they also added that they would be doing more ASU.

ASU, or Art and Sustainability Update, is where Riot updates the champion’s visual without changing their kits. The first champion to receive an ASU was Caitlyn, and her ASU was a huge success. Not only Riot updated her visuals, but they also updated the VFX, voice lines, skins, and splash art as well. Similarly, they announced in the preseason 2022 video that Ahri would also receive an ASU. But due to Ahri having many skins, her ASU was delayed until early 2023.

Riot Phroxzon stated on the dev log video that they would be doing a lot of ASU in the future. Moreover, currently, they are working on an ASU on a very popular champion. Even though Riot did not reveal which champion would be getting this rework, many people expect that Miss Fortune, Lux, or even Lee Sin might receive this new visual update.

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