LoL Aurelion Sol Rework Delayed to Early 2023

One of the most anticipated reworks, Aurelion Sol rework, has officially been delayed by Riot.

League of Legends was released over a decade ago. And this game still kept up its relevancy, even to this day. One of the ways that the game stayed relevant is by releasing new champions regularly.

Including K’Sante, this game has over 162 champions. Because of having so many champions, it’s very hard to balance many champions. And if the champion is bad in the core, then Riot often does a rework to make the weaker champion relevant again.

Since the first rework in 2010, with the Kayle rework, Riot has been reworking weaker champions regularly. Because of reworks, many champions become playable and can compete in the meta.

One of the recent champions to receive a rework is Udyr. His rework was extremely anticipated, and Riot did not disappoint. Even though he was over-tuned when the rework was released, players reacted positively to the changes.

Riot announced on the preseason 2023 roadmap earlier this year that Aurelion Sol would be getting a CGU later this year. Riot Reav3 later revealed that ASol’s rework would be coming out soon after K’Sante’s release.

CGU is a new type of update that Riot has been testing out with Aurelion Sol. CGU or Comprehensive Gameplay Update will only reimagine the champion’s kit while keeping the visuals and lore intact.

Unfortunately, Riot has now confirmed that Aurelion Sol’s rework will be delayed.

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Aurelion Sol Rework Delay

Riot Cobra announced on Discord that Aurelion Sol’s rework wouldn’t be coming out this year. Initially, they stated that his rework would be coming out later this year. Now his rework will come out in early 2023.

Riot Cobra stated that the delay was because they wanted to make ASol more “awesome.”

Release Date

Even though there isn’t any exact date, Riot confirmed that Aurelion Sol would be getting his rework early next year. So we can expect his rework around the same time as Ahri’s ASU.

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