League of Legends Upcoming Champions Release Order in 2022

Riot reveals the release order for the upcoming champions in 2022.

Since preseason 2023 is right around the corner, Riot Games shared the LoL Pls Video discussing all the changes coming to preseason 2023 and beyond.

Many new champions were teased in this new video. Additionally, they hinted at a number of changes and updates for the cast of characters that are already in place.

Lead champion producer for League of Legends, Reav3, unveiled three new champions. K’Sante, a tank top-laner, is the first. Then he showed a new male enchanter from Ixtal and a Darkin assassin.

Moreover, Riot also revealed changes for two already existing champions. That being Aurelion Sol and Ahri.

Aurelion Sol will receive a CGU (Comprehensive Gameplay Update) that will reimagine his entire kit while keeping his visuals intact. Meanwhile, Ahri will receive an ASU (Art and Sustainability Update) that will keep her kits and abilities intact while changing her entire visuals to keep up with the current art direction.

This week, Riot Reav3 provides more insight into the upcoming champions’ release order and updates.

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Champions Release Order 2022

Here’s the release order of all the upcoming new champions and reworks:

  1. K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah
  2. Aurelion Sol CGU
  3. Ahri ASU
  4. Ixtal Enchanter
  5. Darkin Assassin

We can expect K’Sante to release during the early preseason, which could be either end of this year or early next year. The highly anticipated Aurelion Sol CGU should be released around that time since his abilities are almost close to being completed.

Moreover, according to Riot Reav3, we can expect Ahri’s ASU to release early next year, as many of her skins still need some time to be updated.

After that, the next champion will be the male enchanter from Ixtal, followed by the Darkin Assassin.

Originally, the Darkin Assassin was supposed to release before the Ixtal Enchanter, but due to some “complexities,” the Ixtal and Darkin champions’ release order has been flipped.

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