League of Legends Upcoming Ixtal Enchanter: Everything We Know So Far

Riot Games unveils new enchanter support coming to League of Legends.

Support is one of the most vital roles in League of Legends. Not only do they have to set up vision wards all over the map, but they also have to set up kills so that their ADC can get fed and eventually carry the game.

There are currently three types of supports in the game: Enchanters, Engage and Poke.

Enchanters can heal their allies and give them various buffs to strengthen their allies. They are at their strongest when in groups since it’s easier to coordinate with others.

Most people in ranked games don’t want to play Enchanter supports for various reasons. Such as, it’s hard to carry games with Enchanter support. Moreover, many people don’t want to play enchanter support because the enchanter support stereotypes aren’t very pleasing to them.

Whenever we think of enchanter supports, we usually think about Soraka, Lulu, Janna, Sona, Seraphine, etc. These champions are very similar in nature and design. Riot realized this, and now they are trying to make the Enchanter support lineup as diverse as possible.

This year we had Renata Glasc, League of Legends’ first-ever “evil and menacing” enchanter support in the game. Even so, Riot wants to add more variety to this class. There are currently only two male enchanters in this game: Taric and Ivern. And only Taric is played as a support.

This week Riot Games released a new video on their League of Legends youtube channel about their roadmap for the upcoming preseason 2023. In that video, they showed off various new champions. One of them is an Enchanter Support from Ixtal.

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Ixtal Enchanter

Ixtal is one of the places in Runeterra which is shrouded in mystery. It is a very wealthy country. However, due to invasions from other countries, they mostly kept themselves disconnected from the outside world. Only Qiyana’s reputation is known throughout the entire Runeterra.

Lead Champion Producer of League of Legends, Reav3, stated in the roadmap video that the new enchanter champion will have a very different lifestyle compared to Qiyana. Unlike Qiyana, the new champion didn’t grow up in lavish palaces.

According to Reav3, the new champion is supposed to show a new side to Ixtal. Even though the hints are very vague, we can be certain that when this champion gets released, we will learn more about Ixtal.

Ixtal Enchanter’s Abilities

Riot Reav3 stated that this new champion is very early in development. So they did not reveal any information about the new champion’s abilities. The only thing they shared was one picture. There are currently speculations that these small whisp-like creatures are similar to Bard’s meep. But one thing is for sure; these creatures will be essential for his theme and abilities.

Ixtal Enchanter Release date

We can expect this character to be released around the middle of season 13. Riot Reav3 stated in a Reddit thread that the Ixtal Enchanter will come out after the Ahri ASU but before the Darkin Assassin.

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