League of Legends Upcoming Darkin Assassin – Everything We Know So Far

Riot reveals the upcoming Darkin champion coming to League of Legends.

There are over 160 champions in League of Legends. And all of them have unique designs and characteristics behind them. One of the most popular types of champions is the Darkin.

Darkins are monster-type champions, also known as God-Warriors. They are corrupted ascended of Shurima. Being traumatized by the void war, they used blood magic on themselves. Blood magic is a type of magic that is linked with resurrection and healing. However, all known Darkins are now imprisoned in various weapons, unable to regain their original ascended forms.

There are currently 3 Darkins in League of Legends: Aatrox, Varus, and Rhaast (Red Kayn). In-game, they specialize in their healing abilities and having a decent sustain.

Since there hasn’t been a new Darkin champion since 2017, fans have been requesting Riot to add more Darkins to the game.

This week, however, Riot released their roadmap for the upcoming preseason 2023. In it, they have revealed a lot of new characters, including a new Darkin Assassin.

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The Darkin Assassin

According to Riot Reav3, this new Darkin will be trapped in a dagger. But who the Darkin is or who the wielder will be is yet to be revealed.

But other than that, Riot only revealed that the new Darkin champion would be an assassin. There are currently speculations that the new Darkin will primarily be a mid-laner. Since Aatrox is a top-laner, Varus is an ADC, and Kayn is a jungler, the next Darkin will most probably be in a new role, potentially a mid-laner.

Darkin Assassin’s Abilities

Even though the Darkin’s abilities aren’t officially revealed yet, we can speculate that they will have at least some self-healing or life-stealing abilities, similar to all the Darkins that came before it.

Darkin Assassin Release Date

According to Riot Reav3, the upcoming Darkin champion will be released in the middle of next season or the end of it. The Darkin was supposed to be released before the Ixtal Enchanter or around early next year, but Riot Reav3 stated in a Reddit thread that the Darkin needs a little more work and polish.

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