Will Lux Get ASU in League of Legends?

Lux is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. But her models are outdated. Which begs the question, when will Lux get an ASU?

League of Legends was released over 11 years ago. Even now, this game is one of the most played games of all time. One of the ways that the game stayed relevant is by releasing new champions regularly. Not only do they add new champions, but they also update the older ones.

One type of update that Riot recently started was ASU. ASU, or Art and Sustainability Update, is a type of champion update where a champion receives a visual overhaul while keeping the original kit intact.

The first and last champion to ever receive an ASU is Caitlyn. This rework reignited her pick rate. Moreover, her ASU was also released at a suitable time, as it was released around the same time as Arcane’s release. Because of this, Caitlyn’s ASU was a huge success, and players desperately waited for confirmation on who would receive the next ASU.

In the preseason 2022 video, Riot confirmed that Ahri would get an ASU next. So naturally, players were excited to see their favorite Nine-Tailed Fox receive a much-needed visual upgrade. But the disappointment came when Riot confirmed that her ASU wouldn’t be coming this year. Instead, they will be shipping in early 2023.

As Riot will be reworking well-liked yet outdated champions first, players want to see Lux receive an ASU.

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Lux is undoubtedly one of, if not the most admired, champions of League of Legends. She was released over ten years ago. Her gameplay is straightforward yet very unique. Players can play either mid-lane or support with her.

Furthermore, Lux’s Ultimate skin, Elementalist Lux, is one of the highest-selling skins in League of Legends.

But Lux already had a redesign before her release. When she was initially teased, she had the ugliest design in the game. Players were even saying that she looked worse than Urgot. So Riot later drastically redesigned her to the point we know her today.

Will She Recieve An ASU

Even though it’s unclear when we can be sure that Riot will visually rework Lux sometime in the future. Asking or demanding for the ASU will accelerate the process.

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