Riot explains why they will not make ultimate skin like Elementalist Lux ever again

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot shared their goals for the upcoming ultimate skins in League of Legends stating they will not make skins like Elementalist Lux that “break the game experience for players”.

Ultimate skins are the highest tier skin purchasable in League of Legends worth 2775 RP to 3250 RP per skin. But, currently, there are only five ultimate skins, and with the introduction of K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine skin players will get a new ultimate skin since 2018.

However, after the announcement of K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine, it is getting a lot of hate from the League community. Many fans are complaining that despite being an ultimate skin it is not justified that players have to unlock different forms by completing missions and how basic the skin looks.

Therefore, a lot of players are asking Riot if they will ever see multiform skins like Elementalist Lux ever again in the Summoner’s Rift.

Image Via Riot Games

And replying to all these questions, League of Legends’ lead skins producer Riot Katana said that they “We would not be able to make a skin like Elementalist Lux again looking at what we know now.”

“When you’re building a game meant to last for as long as LoL has already (and hopefully a lot longer!) we have to be looking to future sustainability as much as we can,” Riot Katana said. “While making one skin like Lux didn’t break the game experience for players, making several definitely could.”

Katana also said that “we keep expanding skins and champions we need to keep things functioning as reliably for players as we can.” And while they keep things functional they are also trying to maintain the quality as well.

Furthermore, Riot also mentioned that past ultimate skins have used enough memory and if they continue making skins like Elementalist Lux then players could experience “degrade or even crash”.

Therefore, in order to stay within a reasonable memory size, Riot will keep “constrain features that each form will have to a reasonable degree.” Moreover, they are also planning to “break the expectation” so that they can bring more features in the ultimate skins.

Lastly, Riot also admitted that “K/DA Seraphine is not the new be-all end-all for ultimates either.” And they will try to change what ultimates mean.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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