Riot Fixes League of Legends Zac Bug After 2000 Days

After more than five years of waiting, Riot is finally fixing Zac’s Q bug.

Bugs and League of Legends go hand in hand; they have been a part of League of Legends since its release back in 2009. In almost every patch, players find various in-game and client bugs. But these bugs usually get patched out fairly quickly. But there is a bug that has stayed in the game ever since its introduction years ago.

The bug we are talking about is the Zac Q bug. It was first introduced into the game in Patch 7.9 along with the Zac mini-rework over five years ago. Since then, it has remained in the game without Riot even noticing, but with the recent increase in player outcry, Riot has finally noticed. So, Riot Games on patch 12.22 will be fixing the Zac bug.

Riot August, the lead champion designer for League of Legends, recently shared some information about the Zac bugfix on his Twitter.

What is the Bug?

To explain the bug, a brief rundown of Zac’s Q ability is required.

Zac’s Q ability Stretching Strikes, allows Zac to stretch his left arm in the target’s direction catching the first enemy hit and forming a tether between Zac and the target. While the tether persists, Zac’s next basic attack is replaced by a second Stretching Strike. If the two Stretching Strikes affect different targets, both are pulled closer and rooted.

The aforementioned bug affects the second part of the ability, the basic attack. With the bug, Zac couldn’t pull people if he attacked Illaoi tentacles, Gangplank barrels, blue trinkets, etc. This is a big problem as Zac’s Q ability is one of the most important parts of his kit and allows him to set up ganks efficiently. But with the bug around, his ability to set up ganks is hampered, especially against those champions.

Riot Finally Fixed the Bug

As mentioned earlier, Riot has finally noticed the bug after five long years. And on the Twitter post, Riot August said, “checked in a fix for Zac’s Q not being able to pull people if you attack weird stuff like Illaoi tentacles and GP barrels.”

Release Date

The Zac changes are currently out on PBE for testing. It will come out on League of Legends live servers on patch 12.22, released on Wednesday, Nov 16, 2022.

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