League of Legends Skin Leaks 2023

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Here are all the skins that have leaked for League of Legends this year.

Riot, as a developer, has done a lot to bring new ideas in terms of cosmetics in League of Legends. This has kept the players happy in terms of cosmetics, albeit the lack of skins for certain champions. There was quite a bit of work done on that front as well.

This year, we have seen new skins for Ivern, Singed, Cho’Gath, Nocturne, Amumu, etc. Also, there have been many new skin lines that have been released with older ones, like the Astronauts 2023.

All this came about along with several Mythic Chromas, the last few Ashen Knights skins, and more. This brings us to future skins as Dawnbringer and Nightbringer skins are released in Patch 13.8, and more are coming in the future patches.

Along with that, we have had several leaks in terms of skin lines. Let’s talk about all the leaks we have seen so far and whether they will come to fruition.

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Concept Arts

Before talking about the skin leaks, there are some concept arts that BigBadBear has revealed.

Note that these may not turn into skins. It is very normal for Riot to reveal, so take this with a grain of salt. Names of the skin lines are also not final. Thus, the concept art leaked is as follows.

Mini Micro Medics

Named Mini Micro Medics, this is another version of the medical skins in Riot, as they come in a different concept. It still seems to be similar to the old skins like Nurse Akali and Surgeon Shen in the past. Hopefully, we will know more about it and how it stands out as a different skin line.

Eternal Tapestry

This skin line looks more like an Imperial theme as the preview skins look like Knights and Princesses and the like. It is something that Riot could definitely explore which champions fit the skins. Demacian champions and Azir should certainly feature in it if the skin line comes to fruition.

Elfwood Valley

After Faerie Court’s inception, Elfwood Valley seems to be a good avenue to progress towards. However, the name does not fit, so that could be changed in the future. The skin line is a very good idea, and hopefully, it does come into League of Legends.

Spinning Out

This name is definitely not fixed, but it is a great concept. As a winter skin concept, making skins based on ice skating is an excellent idea. This is the best out of the concept art I have seen and would definitely get my vote for coming to life.

Spy Family

This one is definitely inspired by the popular anime Spy X Family. The name suggests it as well, and it will definitely be popular amongst the player base. It will be a pretty nice one if they can get the right champions and put a great skin line together.


Riot Brightmoon has mentioned in a video on Weibo that Porcelain will come back soon. We have no idea when it might return, but it is definitely something that Riot has confirmed to return to League of Legends.

MSI 2023 Skins

Initially leaked without a name, the MSI 2023 skins were leaked first, and then Riot revealed them as the Inkshadow skins. These skins are in the theme of champions utilizing the shadow-like color with each ability and attack resembling strokes or brush-like effect. It is a wonderful addition to League of Legends, and the skins look like Riot worked on it for a while to make it come to fruition.

The skins in this line are as follows.

  • Inkshadow Aurelion Sol
  • Inkshadow Kai’Sa
  • Inkshadow Master Yi (Legendary)
  • Inkshadow Udyr
  • Inkshadow Volibear
  • Inkshadow Yasuo
  • Inkshadow Yone
  • Prestige Inkshadow Yasuo

This will be Master Yi’s 2nd Legendary with another Prestige Skin for Yasuo.

New Mythic Skin Line

As per Riot’s information, Ashen Guardian Shen was the last skin for the Ashen Knight Mythic Skin Line. As per Riot Brightmoon, there will be a different Mythic Skin Line that will come. A timeline or list of champions was not provided, but we can expect another Mythic Skin Line sometime in the future.

In a recent development, the new Mythic Skin Line was narrowed down to three possible ones.

  • The Primals
  • Virtuoso
  • La Illusion

As they are leaks based on Riot surveys, we will have to wait until it’s confirmed which one we are getting. However, given the leaks, we could see it soon in the game.

Faerie Court Skins

Initially, as a concept art revealed by Riot, there were leaks of the skin with the Milio one. This represents the different types of royalty on the court that decide the fate of the Faeries. This skin line introduced a wide array of skins, looks, and arts. Here is the list of the Faerie Court Skins.

Katarina got a Prestige skin, while Karma got a nice Legendary skin.

Cats vs Dogs Skins

Riot revealed a splash art for the skins as we knew of a new skin for Kindred and Kled coming. Since then, the new skins for the Cats vs Dogs skins have been revealed. Here are the skins for the Cats vs Dogs 2023.

  • Kibble-Head Kled
  • Kittalee Nidalee
  • Shiba Yuumi
  • Woof and Lamb Kindred

Double Prestige Skins

Lastly, we had the Lunar 2023 skins, which Riot revealed. What was leaked early was the double Prestige skins for the Lunar Year. Prestige Mythmaker Sivir and Prestige Porcelain Lissandra were the releases.

Summer 2023: Soul Fighter Skins

As leaked by BigBadBear, Soul Fighter skins are coming with the Summer Event. It is not fully confirmed which patch to land on, but it should not be too far off as it is expected to be Patch 13.13 and Patch 13.14. So far, we potentially know of the following champion list that will receive a Soul Fighter skin. This may or may not come true, so take it with a grain of salt.

  • Soul Fighter Evelynn
  • Soul Fighter Gwen
  • Soul Fighter Pyke
  • Soul Fighter Samira (Ultimate) [Confirmed]
  • Soul Fighter Shaco
  • Prestige Soul Fighter Pyke
  • Prestige Soul Fighter Shaco

The theme of the skin line will be sort of like the Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter theme and will portray champions as combatants in-game. This is worth waiting for, as it will hit with the Summer Event alongside the 2v2v2v2 game mode.

Prestige Skin List Leak

Riot has also revealed a list of champions that will receive prestige skins. Compiled with that, the dates have potentially leaked, so here is the list with the rumored timeline included.

  • Pyke and Shaco Prestige (Potentially Soul Fighter Skins) (July 2023).
  • Sona Prestige (August 2023, acquirable via Mythic Essence).
  • Renata Glasc (September 2023, acquirable via Mythic Essence).
  • Akali (October/November 2023, acquirable via Worlds 2023 Pass Tokens).
  • Yone (October/November 2023, acquirable via Worlds 2023 Pass Tokens).
  • Camille (December 2023, acquirable by December Event Pass Tokens)

Coven 2023 Skin Line Leak

BigBadBear has struck again as he leaked the Coven 2023 skin line. Here is his video below.

YouTube video

In the video, BigBadBear talks about the fact that Riot is working on a new Coven Skin line. However, the date of release is still unknown. Since they are working on it, we could expect is sooner rather than later. The champions rumored to receive skins for the Coven skin line are as follows.

  • Syndra
  • Nilah
  • Elise
  • Nami
  • Akali

There are rumors that Syndra will be a Legendary skin as well. We will have to wait and see what the skin line will be once Riot finalizes the work.

Hearsteel Skins

This was leaked by Riot for a while with Heartsteel the boy band making a debut. Since it previously leaked, it has already been released, and a lot of hype built up for these skins. Here are all the champions that received skins for them.

  • Aphelios
  • Ezreal
  • Kayn (Legendary)
  • K’Sante
  • Sett
  • Yone (Both Prestige and Normal)

Potential Winterblessed Leak

In an article, we covered that BigBadBear talked about the return of Winterblessed skins in Patch 13.24. With Winter approaching, it is expected to get a skin of that theme this year. So, we could be seeing Winterblessed skins once more, according to BigBadBear.

YouTube video

While BigBadBear has said that it might be Winterblessed, we are going to have to wait as to what Riot goes with. We should know in a few weeks.

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