League of Legends Patch 13.4 Notes: New Changes, Release Date, and More

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A new patch preview is out as Riots keeps updating League of Legends.

There have been many significant changes in League of Legends for the last few patches. Riot has made many changes to try and fix the issues that pop up and address live server trends. Season 13 has introduced quite a few things as Riot tries to strike the perfect balance of power levels in the game.

A lot of the time, the changes are done for solo queue and pro play. Thus, how all the esports leagues are doing matters in terms of balancing the game. Patch 13.3 did a lot of that. We had the brand new Aurelion Sol CGU and the Ahri ASU released in Patch 13.3. Also, there were plenty of significant changes, like the Tank Support buffs, Annie buffs, K’Sante nerfs, and more.

However, there were a few snags in Patch 13.3. A hotfix was deployed on Annie and Aurelion Sol, as they were too strong after the buff and rework release. Also, Aurelion Sol had to be disabled for a gamebreaking bug. Otherwise, the patch has landed fairly well.

With that said, Patch 13.4 is coming up as there are some outliers they want to address, including more changes to the jungle and experience. Here is all that’s coming in the new patch.

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Release Date

League of Legends Patch 13.4 is expected to be released on February 23rd, 2023.

LoL Patch 13.4 release time and server maintenance:

  • NA: 3:00 AM PT
  • EUW: 5:00 UK time
  • EUNE: 3:00 CET

LoL Patch Notes 13.4

Riot Phroxzon put it best, a lot is coming in this patch. Riot has finally got the tools to internally test changes now that Riiot has dealt with all the issues regarding the social engineering attack. Here is the patch preview as shared by Riot Phroxzon.

Let’s talk about all the buffs, nerfs, and adjustments that are coming in Patch 13.4.

Champion Buffs

There are so many buffs coming in Patch 13.4. Some notable ones are Aphelios, Orianna, Veigar, Viego, and more. A lot is coming, so let’s just jump right into the changes.


Mages have been struggling this season, and Ahri fits that category. So, Ahri is getting some base stats for sustain and a faster cooldown on the ultimate.

  • Base Stats:
    • Base Health: 570 >>> 590.
    • Base Armor: 18 >>> 21.
  • R – Spirit Rush:
    • Cooldown: 140/115/90 seconds >>> 130/105/80 seconds.


The buffs for Alistar in the last patch was not enough, so Riot is getting another swing at it. More AP ratio damage and passive healing.

  • Passive – Triumphant Roar:
    • Healing for Allies: 6% >>> 7%.
  • Q – Pulverize:
    • AP Ratio: 70% >>> 80%.
  • W – Headbutt:
    • AP Ratio: 90% >>> 100%.


Just a little attack speed buff to allow more trading in the lane for Aphelios.

  • Passive – The Hitman and The Seer:
    • Innate – Weapon Master:
      • Attack Speed: 7.5-45% >>> 9-54%.


For this update, Cho’gath is getting more damage later in the game on his Q – Rupture while also reducing mana cost for the ability. Also, W – Feral Scream is getting some mana cost reduction and a little bit of armor growth is being added to Cho’gath.

  • Base Stats:
    • Armor Growth: 4.7 >>> 5.
  • Q – Rupture:
    • Mana Cost: 60 >>> 50.
    • Damage: 80/135/190/245/300 >>> 80/140/200/260/320.
  • W – Feral Scream:
    • Mana Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 >>> 70/75/80/85/90.


His W – Thunderclap is getting a few changes. A lower cooldown and more damage based on armor will make the champion more viable in the top lane as a tank.

  • W – Thunderclap:
    • Cooldown: 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 seconds >>> 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds.
    • Attack Armor Ratio: 10% >>> 15%.
    • Cone Armor Ratio: 15% >>> 20%.


Similar to Ahri, just a bit of sustain is being added to Orianna so that she can lane better.

  • Base Stats:
    • Base Armor: 17 >>> 20.
  • W – Command: Dissonance:
    • Mana Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 >>> 60/65/70/75/80.


Her Passive – Runic Blade is getting an update as it now does a little more damage, scales better, can now be applied on towers, and Riven players can also see how many stacks the passive has gained.

  • Passive – Runic Blade:
    • Bonus Damage: 30/36/42/48/54/60% total AD at level 1/6/9/12/15/18>>> 30-60% total AD (levels 1-18, 1.7% increase per level).
    • Now deals damage to towers at 50% effectiveness.
    • Stacks are now visible at the bottom of the health bar for Riven player only.


A little more attack speed ratio and more damage on the Ultimate is coming for Senna. Also, lower cooldown on the ultimate should do a good bit for her.

  • Base Stats:
    • Attack Speed Ratio: 0.3 >>> 0.4.
  • R – Dawning Shadow:
    • Cooldown: 160/140/120 seconds >>> 140/120/100 seconds.
    • Damage: 250/375/500 (+100% bonus AD) (+70% AP) >>> 250/400/550 (+115% bonus AD) (+70% AP).


After falling off the meta, Viego is getting the ability to crit from his passive and more damage to his Ultimate.

  • Passive – Sovereign Dominion:
    • Can now do a critical hit when proc’d.
  • R – Heartbreaker:
  • Damage Ratio: 3% of Missing Health per 100 bonus AD >>> 5% of Missing Health per 100 bonus AD.


In terms of the Veigar change, Riot TheTruexy said it best. They wanted to buff Veigar without making him too strong. Thus, his ability ranges are being increased to allow him some more ability spamming.

  • Q – Baleful Strike:
    • Range: 950 >>> 1050.
  • W – Dark Matter:
    • Range: 900 >>> 950.

Champion Nerfs

A few outliers are getting nerfed, and some are follow-ups from previous patches. Jarvan IV is getting some nerfs to scale back the buffs from the last patch, and some strong picks like the Jax and Maokai are taking some hits. All in all, a fairly stacked nerf list. There are a few changes that we know are courtesy of Spideraxe. So before talking about those, here are all the champions set to receive nerfs that have not been declared yet.


The Sad Mummy is losing some defensive stats while losing some damage on his W – Despair.

  • Base Stats:
    • Health Growth: 100 >>> 94.
    • Armor Growth: 4.2 >>> 4.0.
  • W – Despair:
    • Damage: 6-14 + 1-2% Maximum Health >>> 6-14 + 1-1.6% Maximum Health.


Her Health and Armor growth is being hit to make her less tanky.

  • Base Stats:
    • Health Growth: 96 >>> 92.
    • Armor Growth: 5.2 >>> 4.9.


The Emperor of Shurima might be nerfed to the ground with this as this will surely get him out of pro play priority.

  • Base Stats:
    • Mana: 480-937 >>> 380 – 992.
  • W – Arise!:
    • Recharge Cooldown: 9-6 seconds >>> 10-6 seconds.
  • E – Shifting Sands:
    • Damage: 60-180 + 40% AP >>> 60-220 + 55% AP.
  • R – Emperor’s Divide:
    • Damage: 175-475 + 60% >>> 200-600 + 75%.


The magic damage on her Q is being reduced, and the spiderlings deal less damage.

  • Q – Neurotoxin:
    • Spider Form Base Damage: 70/105/140/175/210 >>> 60/90/120/150/180.
  • R – Spider Form/Human Form:
    • Spiderling Base Damage: 10/15/20/25 >>> 8/14/20/26.

Jarvan IV

A small change being made as a follow-up to the buff in Patch 13.3.

  • W – Golden Aegis:
    • Cooldown: 8 seconds >>> 9 seconds.
    • AD Ratio: 80% >>> 70%.


The Jax Midscope has brought a lot of damage to the champion. Ever since that, he has been a constant in pro play, and a high win rate pick in solo queue. Finally, Riot is taking some of that power away to balance him for future patches.

  • Base Stats:
    • Health: 685 >>> 665.
    • Health Growth Per Level: 99 >>> 100.
  • E – Counter Strike:
    • AP Ratio: 100% >>> 70%.
    • Dodging Attacks During Counter Strike increases all damage instead of base damage.
  • R – Grandmaster-At-Arms:
    • On-hit Damage: 80-160 >>> 60-160.
  • Bonus Armor: 25-65 >>> 15-65.
  • Bonus Magic Resist: 15-39 >>> 9-39.


A bigger swing is being taken on Maokai as the Demonic Embrace Nerf plus previous nerfs did not do much to his power level. The saplings are taking quite the hit to stop AP Maokai from flourishing.

  • Q – Bramble Smash:
    • Damage: 70-270 + 2-3% Maximum Health >>> 70-270 + 2-4% Maximum Health.
  • E – Sapling Toss:
    • Cooldown: 10 seconds >>> 14 seconds.
    • Damage: 55-155 >>> 50-150.
    • AP Ratio: 35% + 4% slow per 100 AP >>> 25% + 1% slow per 100 AP.
    • HP Ratio: 0.9% slow per 100 Health >>> 1% slow per 100 Health.


This champion has been a menace in solo queue. Her sustain, and movement speed is hard to handle when Samira gets far ahead in the game. So, Riot is taking a few hits at her without making her too weak or irrelevant.

  • Passive: Daredevil Impulse:
    • Bonus Movement Speed per Stack: 3.5% >>> 1-4% (1/6/11/16).
  • R – Inferno Trigger:
    • Lifesteal Effectiveness: 66.6% >>> 50%.


  • Base Stats:
    • Health Growth: 98 >>> 92.
    • Base Armor: 34>>> 31.
  • Q – Wilding Claw:
    • On-Hit Ratio: 30% bonus AD >>> 25% bonus AD.
  • R – Wingborne Storm:
    • Slow: 25/28/31/34/37/40% >>> 20/23/26/29/31/35%.

Champion Adjustments

Thresh is getting more changes, so some interesting stuff is coming to the Warden. Hopefully, this will make Thresh stronger in the long term. All the changes coming to Thresh were shared by Spideraxe from the current PBE patch.


His Q and E are getting buffed while his W is taking a hit.

  • Q – Damnation:
    • Magic Damage: 100-280 >>> 100-300.
    • AP Ratio: 80% >>> 90%.
    • Cooldown: 19-11 seconds >>> 19-9 seconds.
  • W – Dark Passage:
    • Base Shield: 50-150 >>> 50-130.
    • Cooldown: 22-16 >>> 21-17.
  • E – Flay
    • Base Damage: 75-215 >>> 75-235.
    • AP Ratio: 60% >>> 70%.

System Buffs

Support items are getting changed in Patch 13.4. The Relic Shield and Steel Shoulderguards item lines are getting some health regeneration. Here are all the support item buffs.

Relic Shield (Starter Item)

  • Base Health Regeneration: 25% >>> 75%.

Targon’s Buckler (Upgraded from Relic Shield)

  • Base Health Regeneration: 50% >>> 75%.

Steel Shoulderguards (Starter Item)

  • Base Health Regeneration: 25% >>> 75%.

Runesteel Spaulders (Upgraded from Steel Shoulderguards)

  • Base Health Regeneration: 50% >>> 75%.

System Nerfs

There are a lot more system nerfs coming in Patch 13.4. Experience gained from some avenues is getting nerfed, while some support items are getting nerfed. All in all, here are the changes coming to League of Legends in this patch.

Demonic Embrace Clearspeed

It seems despite the Demonic Embrace nerf, the clear speed with that item is still too strong. So, there are some nerfs coming to that for the jungle.

  • Now has a damage cap of 40 damage per tick against monsters.

Experience Changes

Ganking junglers have been at the top since the new season has started. Champions like Elise, Vi, and Wukong are thriving, so Riot has been busy trying to change that. This process led the balance team to change the experience gained from kills.

Kill Experience:

  • Level 3 Experience: 186 >>> 144.
  • Level 4 Experience: 258 >>> 174.
  • Level 5 Experience: 330 >>> 204.
  • Level 6 Experience: 402 >>> 234.
  • Level 7 Experience: 434 >>> 308.
  • Level 8 Experience: 500 >>> 486.
  • All other levels are unchanged.

Kill Comeback Experience:

  • 16% per level difference between you and the champion killed >>> 20% per level difference beyond the first level between you and the champion killed.
  • Increase Kill Experience by 16/32/48/64%/… (1/2/3/4/… levels behind) >>> Increase Kill Experience by 0/20/40/60%/… (level 1/2/3/4/… levels behind).

Spectral Sickle Item Line

As part of the Support item changes, Spectral Sickle is taking a hit. The changes are mostly for gold generation to make Marksmen weaker in the Support role. All

  • Charge Timer Cooldown: 10 seconds to 12 seconds.

Spellthief’s Edge Item Line

With Enchanter meta in full swing, Spellthief’s Edge is giving a lot of value to ranged supports. So the gold generation for the item is taking a hit while a chunk of the mana regen is also being taken away

Spellthief’s Edge (Starter Item):

  • Charge Timer Cooldown: 10 seconds to 12 seconds.
  • Base Mana Regeneration: 50% >>> 25%.

Frostfang (Upgraded from Spellthief’s Edge):

  • Charge Timer Cooldown: 10 seconds to 12 seconds.
  • Base Mana Regeneration: 75% >>> 50%.

Shard of True Ice (Upgraded from Frostfang):

  • Base Mana Regeneration: 115% >>> 100%.

Treasure Hunter

The rune Treasure Hunter is getting some changes as the initial gold gained from it is a bit too much. So, some adjustments are en route for the rune.

  • Base Gold: 70 gold >>> 50 gold.
  • Total Gold: 550 gold >>> 530 gold.

System Adjustments

Jungle Sustain and Clear speed is the main focus of this, along with some rune changes. While most of the specific changes are not known, we have an idea of where this might be going.

Jungle Sustain and Clearspeed Changes

Pets AP ratio is being nerfed as well as sustain gained from the jungle itself. Rift Herald also no longer soft resets.

  • Base Camp Kill Heal: 25 >>> 30.
  • Base Gromp Health: 2200 >>> 2050.
  • Rift Herald no longer soft resets.
  • Pet AP Ratio: 15% >>> 12%.

Doran Shield

The item is being nerfed to stop melee mid laners from taking advantage of the stats.

  • Base Health Regeneration: 6 Health Per Second >>> 4 Health Per Second.


The new Astronaut Skin Line is coming in Patch 13.4, as it features skin additions for Fizz, Ivern, Kennen, Singed, and Xerath. Here are all the skins coming on February 24th, 2023.

Astronaut Fizz and Kennen

Image Credit: Riot Games

Astonaut Ivern

Image Credit: Riot Games

Astonaut Singed

Image Credit: Riot Games

Astonaut Xerath

Image Credit: Riot Games

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