The 10 Best R-99 Skins of Apex Legends in 2024

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Respawn has released a ton of R-99 skins since the launch of Apex Legends. However, here are our top ten R-99 skins to ever exist in the game.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play first-person battle royale shooter inspired by Titanfall. Many weapons and characters originating in Titanfall made it to Apex Legends with little to no modifications.

The R-99 is a submachine gun that shares similarities with other weapons in Apex Legends, such as the R-97. The SMG was initially introduced in Titanfall, and the other variant of the same SMG, called R-97, reappeared in Titanfall 2 with the name R-97 CN (Colonial Navy).

After Apex Legends entered the battle royale genre, many streamers began playing the game for the first time and became addicted to it. Their favorite choice of weapons became the R-99, Peacekeeper, and Wingman. Playing with the R-99 was fun because of its fast firing rate. Consequently, beaming players with the R-99 had a different kind of satisfaction.

Following the popularity of the R-99, Apex Legends developers released many good-looking skins for this compact machine gun, and people still use this gun despite having other alternatives. There hasn’t been much change to the R-99, such as other weapons in the game, throughout the seasons.

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The R-99 Skins list was updated in Season 19 Ignite

How Many R-99 Skins are there in Apex Legends?

As of season 19, a total of 92 R-99 skins have been released in Apex Legends. Among these, 29 Legendary, 11 Epic, 38 Rare, and 16 Common skins are available for the R-99 SMG.

Our 10 Favorite R-99 Skin Picks

Apex Legends first launched in early 2019, and since then, Respawn has launched a miscellany of R-99 skins for its fans. The weapon has dropped in popularity since the launch of Apex Legends, yet it is still one of those guns players want to pick up if they see it lying in front of them on the ground.

As mentioned earlier, Respawn has released a bunch of R-99 skins in the game, and they will continue to do so in the future. However, here are our 10 best R-99 skins that we think are the best in the game:

10. Wishbone


The Wishbone R-99 skin was introduced in the Chaos Theory Collection Event in season 8 of Apex Legends. While watching the skin, the first thing that came to our minds was the Honored Prey R-301 skin.

There’s no doubt that the skin looks cool. However, because of its bulky appearance, sometimes it gets in the way while aiming. So, number 10 seems to be the sweet spot for Wishbone for now.

Release DateMarch 9, 2021
Available viaChaos Theory Collection

9. Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus

Just as the name suggests, the Magnum Opus is a work of art. It is arguably the most sophisticated R-99 skin in Apex Legends as of now. The skin is a recolor version of the Legendary R-99 skin called The Alchemist and can only be obtained through the store from time to time.

Release DateOn Release
Available viaDefault Legendary
AlternativesThe Alchemist, The Problem Solver, Death Reel

8. Sirens Song

Sirens Song

Sirens Song has vibrant skin that is filled with colors and looks pleasant to the eye. Respawn made this skin available in the Dark Depths thematic event in season 11 of Apex Legends. This beautiful R-99 skin became a favorite to many Apex enthusiasts since its launch, and many Apex players currently own this skin.

Release DateJanuary 11, 2022
Available viaDark Depths Themed Event

7. Dangerous Game

Dangerous Game

If gold-themed skins are your thing, this is the best R-99 skin you can get. Aside from the golden color combination with an off-white accent, this skin does not have much to offer, but there is something unexplainable that makes the skin look incredibly beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

Release DateJune 23, 2020
Available viaLost Treasures Collection

6. Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush was originally introduced in Mirage’s Holo-Day Bash Event 2019 and was featured again in a bundle in the Holo-Day Bash Event next year. This candy-like cosmetic is still one of the most unique and fan-favorite skins out there for R-99.

Release DateDecember 12, 2019
Available viaHolo-Day Bash 2019 Collection

5. Symbiote


Bundled with Pathfinder’s System Takeover skin, the Simbiote R-99 is one of the most gorgeous-looking skins in Apex Legends. This skin was released at the beginning of Season 15.

Release DateNovember 1, 2022
Available viaDark Circuits Store Sale

4. Exsanguinator


Exsanguinator is the recolored version of Zero Point. The skin was released in Season 16, with the launch of the Death Dynasty Collection Event. Although Respawn previously said that they wouldn’t release pay-to-win skins anymore, the devs decided to release this one anyway.

Despite having a clean iron sight, the problem with Zero Point R-99 skin was that it was too plain. However, the Exsanguinator does not only have the same design as Zero Point but also has an excellent look. So, it is not the bottom of the list anymore.

Release DateAugust 8, 2023
Available viaDeath Dynasty
AlternativesZero Point

3. Totally Gnarly

Totally Gnarly

Totally Gnarly is a recolor of a Legendary R-99 skin known as The Kill Switch. The blue, lime green, and orange color combination of the Totally Gnarly makes it one of the best-looking R-99 skins with a square iron sight.

Any one of these skin collections, whether it’s a recolor or the original one, looks insanely good. The clean iron sight is also a cherry on top.

Release DateOn Release
Available viaDefault Legendary
AlternativesThe Kill Switch, Outlands Avalance, The Unloader

2. Core Fragment


Core Fragment is also a recolor of the already rare R-99 skin named The Paradigm Shifter. This glowing-hot, red-colored skin was made available at the Weapon Recolor Store during season 12 of Apex Legends. Unlike other recolor skins, players had to pay 1800 Apex coins to get this skin.

Release DateMarch 8, 2022
Available viaWeapon Recolor Store Sale
AlternativesThe Paradigm Shifter

1. Cutting Edge


Cutting Edge was the reactive battle pass exclusive skin released in season 7 of Apex Legends. It is a slick, bright white skin that catches the eyes and makes you more confident while playing with it. This skin could only be acquired by completing the premium battle pass level 100, so it is one of the rarest skins in Apex Legends.

Release DateNovember 4, 2022
Available viaAscension Battle Pass

Will past R-99 Event Skins Ever Return?

The event skins and recolor skins may come to the store eventually, and you still may have the chance to get skins such as Magnum Opus, Core Fragment, and Flash of Fury. However, R-99 skins such as Cutting Edge and Zero Point that originated from the battle pass will not return to the Apex Legend store. However, Respawn has announced that battle pass skins from Season 11 and onwards may be available in an event-specific skin package in the future.

Upcoming R-99 Skins

There has been no updated information on any future R-99 skins in the game as of the time this is being written. More R-99 skins will be shown as soon as they are revealed or leaked. In the meantime, check out the Upcoming Leaked Skins article to find any forthcoming skins that will be available in the future.

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