Apex Legends Players want Respawn to Take Action Against the Steam Config Users

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Apex Legends players are tired of those who constantly use Steam configs to perform impossible movements and want Respawn to take action against them.

Movement is one of the most prominent and unique features that separates Apex Legends from the rest of other Battle Royale and FPS titles. Players have been learning and practicing innovative movement techniques to experience Apex Legends since the game’s release.

The majority of Apex Legends players are capable of performing basic to advanced movement techniques. However, some specific players’ movement abilities remain exceptional and unmatched compared to the average player base. These players have trained hard and invested so much time to work on their movement skills.

However, there is also an easier way to master movement techniques in Apex Legends. From tap strafing to Supergliding, almost anyone can master any movement technique simply by using specific steam configs and scripts. As Respawn hasn’t directly prohibited users from using these cfgs, the number of Steam config users is steadily rising.

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Players are Tired of Cfg Movement Users

Previously, tap strafing, super gliding, and other flashy movement techniques were exclusive to PC MnK players. However, performing those movements needed an insane level of precision, timing, and hours of practice. But thanks to the Steam config settings, these hardcore movement techniques have become accessible to almost everyone, especially PC controller players.

The use of steam configs wasn’t widely known at first. However, as more players discovered these cfgs over time, there has been an abrupt increase in the number of Steam config users. People now frequently run into these config users in games, which is naturally frustrating for the regular player base.

Lifeisbadclothing, a casual Apex Legends player, also came across one of those steam config users during a close-quarters battle in World’s Edge. The OP was forced to stop shooting in the middle of the battle due to the opponent’s movement seeming really unfair. The OP was rightfully frustrated with the entire encounter.

Seeing the post, others also joined in sharing a similar feeling against the Steam cfg users. They think using these cfgs should not be allowed in the game. Players in the comment section also severely criticized Respawn for failing to take any action against them yet.

Previously, the use of external hardware like Cronus Zen and Strike Pack was heavily ridiculed by the Apex Legends community. And currently, the game has more troubles due to the rise in use of Steam configs. Hopefully, Respawn will pay attention to user criticism and address the growing trend of using Steam configs to perform ridiculous movements in Apex Legends.

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