Aceu Impresses Post Malone With His Insane Tap Strafe Movement in Apex Legends

Post Malone recently 1v1’d Aceu in Apex Legends and gets amazed by his insane tap strafing movement.

Popular American singer, writer, and rapper Post Malone is a video game lover. Like many celebrities, he likes to enjoy his leisure by playing video games. However, Apex Legends is one of the games that he prefers over other games.

Post Malone is a huge fan of Apex, and he often plays and streams the game with other content creators such as iiTzTimmy. He has been playing Apex Legends a lot recently and even signed up for a charity stream to raise money for Human Rights Watch.

Ski Mask and Aceu also joined the cause to help Post Malone by playing with him. Before landing in the Outlands, Post and Aceu played a 1v1 match. It is no surprising fact that Aceu would win the battle. However, not only did he win the fight, he totally shocked Post Malone with his out-of-the-world movement.

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Aceu Impresses Post Malone With His Insane Movement

Post Malone decided to stream Apex on his Twitch to help raise money for HRW, and he’ll be streaming on the platform until July 24, 2022. Respawn will also add $10,000 to his total for each charity. As mentioned earlier, Ski Mask and Aceu also joined Post Malone to help the cause.

During their joint stream on Twitch, Post Malone and Aceu decided to have a 1v1 battle in firing range. After starting their battle, Aceu moved up to him and kept tap strafing while hitting every shot on Post Malone.

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Unsurprisingly, Aceu defeated Malone in the first round. Not knowing what happened, Post asked for one more round, hoping to defeat Aceu. Yet again, Aceu showed his insane tap strafing skill to the famous rapper.

After witnessing Aceu’s movement, Post said, “I can’t hit him! He’s too fast. I can’t……!”. Though he was very close to killing Aceu in this round, he still lost to Aceu’s movement and was impressed by him.

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