Apex Legends’ Gaiden Thematic Event Trailer Might Have Teased “The Return of Skull Town”

The new Apex Legends trailer for Gaiden Thematic Event might have given us some hints on Skull Town’s return on the King’s Canyon map.

Skull Town has always been an iconic place for the Apex Legends community. No POI in the game has ever witnessed as much action as the Skull Town in King’s Canyon. So, most players wholeheartedly liked and enjoyed the place regardless of the skill gap.

However, upon Loba’s arrival in Season 5, Respawn destroyed Skull Town along with Thunderdome from King’s Canyon. As it was a very controversial map change by the developers, many shared their displease with the change.

Players gradually got used to the transition as new POIs, and other maps were added to the game. But, in Season 12, rumors and leaks emerged about a new Skull Town being reconstructed. Other than that, there was no official information regarding its existence until now.

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Gaiden Thematic Event Teased Skull Town

Though there were videos and footage roaming on the internet about a reconstructed Skull Town in King’s Canyon, no concrete evidence was there about its authenticity.

However, the recent trailer from Gaiden Thematic Event showed us a POI that looked very familiar to everyone. Yes, that was, in fact, the iconic Skull Town that everyone loved. The structure of Skull Town seemed a little from the original one. However, it checks out all the leaked images and footage of the new POI.

As Season 13 is coming to an end, this teaser may be an actual hint that Skull Town will be returning to the Outlands in Season 14. However, this is only speculation, and Respawn tends to scrap ideas along the way. So, take it with a grain of salt.

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