Apex Legends Season 12 Defiance Battle Pass: First Look, Legendary Skins, Price, Release Date, & More

Respawn Entertainment has accidentally revealed the new Apex Legends season 12 battle pass called “Defiance.”

Like every new season in Apex Legends, Respawn has revealed a new battle pass for diehard fans to grind throughout the season. Battle passes are a set of levels for players to complete within a specific time to receive exclusive seasonal rewards such as legendary skins, sky diving emotes, trackers, banners, & More.

On top of that, battle passes usually feature legendary reactive skins that change colors based upon kills. The community seeks these types of reactive weapon skins since they are the cream of the crops for cosmetic items in the game.

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Battle passes possess great value for players who don’t like to spend obscene money on cosmetic items in the game. Getting a battle pass is enough for those players as the battle pass in Apex Legends can be renewed if you complete all the levels in the past battle pass.

While previous battle passes were exclusive to only that season, Respawn has decided to change that with season 11. So, the exclusive battle pass specific rewards could come back in the future in the form of an event.

Season 12 Defiance Battle Pass

As of writing, Respawn hasn’t officially revealed all the details surrounding the upcoming season 12 battle pass yet. However, data miners have given us a glimpse into what Respawn has in store for players for the next season.

First Look at Defiance:

Based on all the early leaked images, the season 12 battle pass color scheme will be bright yellow. And according to the data miners, the codename for the next battle pass is apparently “Rebel Biker.”

Legendary Skins

In the season 12 battle pass, Eva Auto and the peacekeeper will receive legendary skins. On the other hand, Ash, Crypto, Lifeline, G7 Scout, and C.A.R SMG will receive epic tier skins, while Hemlok will receive the ultimate battle pass reactive skin treatment.

EA recently revealed the Season 12 Battle Pass skins along with matching accessories.


Seer Legendary Skin
Seer Legendary Skin Credit: EA
Seer Spray
Seer Spray Credit: EA
Seer Banner
Seer Banner Credit: EA
Weapon Charm
Weapon Charm Credit: EA
Seer Stat Tracker
Seer Stat Tracker Credit: EA
Alternator Skin
Season 12 Defiance Alternator Skin Credit: EA


Loba Skin
Loba Skin Credit: EA
Loba Strike a Pose Spray
Spray Credit: EA
Loba Banner
Loba Banner Credit: EA
Weapon Charm
Weapon Charm Credit: EA
Stat Tracker
Stat Tracker Credit: EA
R-301 Carbine skin
R301 Carbine skin Credit: EA


Crypto Skin
Crypto Skin Credit: EA
Devotion skin
Devotion Skin Credit: EA
Crypto banner
Crypto Banner Credit: EA
Weapon charm
Weapon Charm Credit: EA
Crypto spray
Crypto Spray Credit: EA


Ash Skin
Ash Skin Credit: EA
Eva-8 skin
Eva-8 Skin Credit: EA
Ash Banner
Ash Banner Credit: EA
Weapon Charm
Weapon Charm Credit: EA
Ash Spray
Ash Spray Credit: EA


Lifeline Skin
Lifeline Skin Credit: EA
Charge Rifle Skin
Charge Rifle Skin Credit: EA
Weapon Charm
Weapon Charm Credit: EA
Lifeline Spray
Lifeline Spray Credit: EA

Hemlok Reactive Skin:

The Hemlok is getting a reactive skin that reacts to getting kills. The side exhausts on the weapon shoot out fire upon getting kills with it.

Hemlok Reactive Skin
Hemlok Reacive Skin Credit: EA
video credit: autismgaming420

Free Rewards:

Apex Legends players not buying the Season 12 Battle pass can also get some free rewards. These include-

  • Octane Character skin,
  • Apex Packs,
  • Weapon Skins,
  • Load Screens,
  • Win Trackers for all Legends,
  • Music Packs,
  • Apex Coins,
  • Season Badge, and more

Season 12 Defiance Battle Pass Price:

Expect to pay around 950 Apex coins to unlock the season 12 Defiance battle pass, which equals approximately $10 based on previous battle passes.

Season 12 Defiance Battle Pass Release Date:

The Season 12 Battle Pass is supposed to come out with the new Defiance season on February 8th, 2022.

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