Apex Legends’ leak reveals a new map Divided Moon and the return of Skull Town

A massive Apex Legends Leak has revealed the next map in Apex Legends and confirmed a fan-favorite POI’s return.

As Apex Legends is an ever-evolving free-to-play first-person shooter game, Respawn releases new content such as new legends, maps, limited-time games modes, and cosmetic items with each seasonal update.

Unsurprisingly, the release of a new map is really special to the Apex Legends community as Respwan takes their time while developing unique playable maps. In a recent leak from a playtester, it was revealed that Respawn is apparently working on a new map called Divided Moon.

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On top of that, Skull Town is making a return to the game, but not in the way one might expect. It turns out, Respawn is working on a Team Deathmatch mode featuring the Skull Town as a playable area. Although it is not clear if the Skull Town will ever return to the battle royale map anytime soon.

Divided Moon First Look

Based on all the leaked images, it seems like the map will be based on a Moon. And it might have similar architecture as the Olympus map. Although nothing is confirmed as of writing since Respawn has not even added textures to this new map yet.

Return of Skull Town

Respawn devs have already hinted to us that Skull Town might return in the future. Turns out, they weren’t really messing around, as the new leak suggests Respawn is currently playtesting a version of Kings Canyon with Skull Town on it.

Since these are all leaks from playtesters, take them with a grain of salt as Respawn could still make massive changes to these maps before they arrive in the Apex games.

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