Apex Legends’ Next Map Storm Point: First Look, New AI Beasts, PoI, Release Date & More

As we are at the tail end of season 10 of Apex Legends, some reliable data miners are already drip-feeding us with new information about the upcoming season. And among them, a new tropical-themed map called “Storm Point” is getting a lot of traction.

Apex Legends launched back in 2019 with only one map called “Kings Canyon“. While this map was an amusing playground for a battle royale game, players quickly grew bored with only one map.

Later, Respawn added two new maps one in season 3 called “World’s Edge” and it was followed by another one back in season 7 called “Olympus“. Each of these maps features unique layouts and PoI(position of interests) that are really distinctive. For example, World’s Edge has the Geyser that lets players make a quick escape or Olympus that introduced Trident into the game.

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According to the data miners, the next possible map Tropic Island will feature multiple AI beasts that will roam around the map while you are fighting against other squads.

Tropic Island Map First Look

Unlike the previous Olympus map, this new map will be smaller in terms of scale. As a result, there will be fewer PoI for players to land on. As the name suggests, this new map will feature a tropical setting with lush greeneries and truly aww inspiring visuals with tons of colors.

There might be oceans that surround this new map. And in terms of the X factor, Tropic Island has a few tricks ups its sleeves. AI beasts roaming around the map alongside the players will be the gimmick for this map.

Apex Tropic Island map screen shots
Image via Thordan Smash
Apex Tropic Island map screen shots
Image via Thordan Smash

AI Wildlife

Alongside the Prowlers, this new map will apparently feature Goliaths. According to the data miners, unlike the Prowlers, the Goliaths are a far more terrifying foe. Meaning they won’t be as easy to deal with as the Prowlers.

In a recent leak, it was revealed that these Goliaths will deal massive damages with only one hit. And two-hit will knock you instantly.

Goliaths Apex Tropic island
Image via Thordan Smash

Suffices to say that, a squad will have to stick together to deal with these creatures in the wild and at the same time watch out for potential third parties. The addition of AI animals could produce a new gameplay loop for the game.

The idea of having AI beasts on the map isn’t entirely new even in Apex, but if Respawn decides to scatter them throughout the map in a randomly generated fashion instead of restricting them into a single PoI, that could seriously change the flow of the game. It will be really interesting to see what they do with AI beasts in the new map.

According to Respawn, each type of wildlife offers different combat challenges and methods of engagement.


Prowlers are aggressive creatures that hunt in packs and can be found patrolling their Prowler Dens across Storm Point. If they spot you, they’ll be sure to warn you that you’re getting too close and aren’t too friendly to uninvited guests. Keeping your distance leaves the option to engage in your hands. Watch out though, if you choose to engage, more will emerge from the Prowler Dens to defend their territory.

Image via Respawn


Spider eggs are scattered across the map. Causing damage to these eggs will disturb the spiders inside, hatching a swarm of critters that will happily have you for lunch.

Image via Respawn

These large arachnids are ranged, web-spitting enemies that choose to engage with their potential meals from afar before sinking their teeth into them. While squishier than prowlers, these enemies are quick and scurry around to reposition themselves frequently.

Image via Respawn


Look to the sky to reap the rewards carried by Flyers found soaring or preached high above. Flyers are spawned individually across the map and their positions are randomly selected from a predetermined list of possible spawn locations each match.

Image via Respawn

Wildlife Nests are denoted by the red markers on your minimap. All nests are static and finite, meaning every match they are always in the same place, with the same type of wildlife and only small variations in their numbers. Wildlife respects their Nests’ boundaries and are aggressive only to trespassers that enter into their domain. Once a Wildlife Nest is cleared, it is removed from the map and your squad can reap the rewards.

Now a bit more on the types of rewards you’ll gain from battling the fauna of Storm Point:

Trophies of the Hunt

  • Smart Loot Drops: On death, Prowlers and Spiders have a chance to drop attachments and ammo for your squad based on your weapon loadouts, in addition to a few consumables and other goodies.
  • EVO Points: A small percentage of all damage dealt to wildlife is rewarded towards your EVO Armor. This includes Flyers
  • Crafting Materials: Clearing a Nest rewards a lump of crafting materials which are divided evenly among each squad member in the nest at time of completion.

New Mud Proof Tridents & PoI

Similar to Olympus, the new map will feature an open-ended design built from the ground up to be trident-friendly. However, tridents in the Tropic Island will feature different modifications that would make them mud friendly as well. Also, players will be able to drive these vehicles over water bodies.

Image via Thordan Smash
Apex Tropic Island map screen shots
Image via Thordan Smash


Respawn has revealed a completely new way to rotate around the map with the new Gravity Cannons. They act really similar to the redeploy ballon but players won’t have to wait to get to the top. Instead, players will be able to quickly go from one side of the cannons to the other while having full control over their abilities as well as their weapons.

While their primary use case would be to outrun the zone and avoid any obvious dangers, we are pretty sure this new addition to the map will be a paradise for trickshot enthusiasts.

All the Point of Interests


The Barometer, the heart of Storm Point. A spinning platform with a honeypot of loot is overlooked by a research tower that gives a height advantage but is challenging to defend against attackers.

Image via Respawn

Command Center

Built inside of the mountain, the Command Center is a massive complex that’s rich in loot and which allows players to dive into its heart from the dropship. It is also an excellent method for getting to the top of the mountain while protected by using a network of the longest ziplines in the Apex Games to date. 

Image via Respawn

The Antenna

The Antenna is a drop location divided by a network of catwalks positioned above a massive communications dish. Make your way across these catwalks or slide to the bottom of the Antenna to zipline your way up to the center.

Image via Respawn


Suspended over a dense forest, Checkpoint allows you to disengage from an intense fight in new ways. If you are overwhelmed, jump off the platform in the forest below to change the engagement.

Image via Respawn

Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod is a landing position located at the pinnacle of the mountain and is divided into two halves by a focused and intense bridge. The station’s top is the highest position on the map and is a crucial stronghold if the ring ends there.

Storm Catcher

Image via Respawn

North Pad

The North Pad is a launch site that contains a network of protected trenches that allow safe passage over a wide range of rolling hills. Separating these trenches are underground bunkers and small watchpoints with loot.

Image via Respawn

The Mill

Located at the farthest western position, the Mill’s circular interior space contains high-value loot and the entryway towards the center river.

Image via Respawn


The remnants of the original survivors of Storm Point, Shipfall, is all that remains of the doomed vessel. Eroded over decades, the engine section is still intact and is a stronghold if you can fight your way through it.

Image via Respawn

Cenote Cave

A secure network of coral reef caves, the Cenote is the most isolated section of the map and is filled with valuable loot and power positions. Located at the southernmost western corner, it is also a critical path between the Barometer and the entire western half of the island.

Image via Respawn

The Wall

The great divider between the northern beach and the mountain, the Wall is a critical landing spot for those who seek combat—it acts as the chokepoint between two significant sections of the map.


Highpoint is the home to the only redeploy balloon on the map, sits at the top of the longest hill, and is a vital chokepoint to the top of the mountain. In a standoff look around, you may discover hidden tunnels that allow you to flake around it. 

Thunder Watch

A gateway to the top of the mountain, its interior is a tightly focused close-quarter combat area with a Gravity Cannon that allows for quick access from the bottom of the mountain and a quick escape, if needed.

Cascade Falls

A dense cluster of buildings placed near the waterfall, Cascade Falls acts as a focal point of the map due to its proximity to the map’s center, making it the most traveled point of interest. Take that into account before deciding the land there on the initial drop.

Launch Site

The Launch Site sits in an alcove at the river’s end and is a large area identified by two distinct landing zones: the outstretched landing pad and the control building. Try landing on one of its three distinctive outstretched pads and loot your way towards the control building.

Fish Farms

A chain of islands separated by open water, the Fish Farms is a large area with a clean separation between the lootable buildings. Cross the open water cautiously, or use the Trident to hover along the waterways.

Gale Station

A sibling landing location to the Fish Farms, Gale Station acts as a divider between the island’s center and the southern section. What it lacks in loot quantity makes up for loot quality and its power position over the Fish Farms.

Aside from these points, there are plenty of smaller POIs scattered throughout the whole Storm Point map.

Tropic Island Map Release Date:

This tropical-themed map will arrive alongside the upcoming season 11 on November 2nd, 2021.

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