Apex Legends players found a new way to open vaults in Kings Canyon without using a grenade

One curious Apex Legends player figured out a weird exploit that allows players to open up vaults without using any grenades.

Loot vaults containing weapons, attachments, and ammo are scattered throughout the Kings Canyon map. They are accessible to any player as long as they use any type of grenade. These loot vaults are different from their World’s Edge counterparts as players don’t have to find a vault key to access them.

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As such, these vaults are really accessible to players since grenades are pretty common in the loot pool. However, a recent glitch has made the process even handier. Turns out, if you drop a grenade while opening a vault, the animation plays out and players are not required to actually spend a grenade to open the vault.

Animation glitch opens Vault without grenades

Reddit user u/yaboigrafix recently discovered this anomaly and decided to share the findings on the platform.

Apex has an abnormal relationship with their community regarding in-game glitches and exploits as the devs removed fan-favorite movement techs such as bunny hopping and tap-strafing in the name of balance and fair play.

As with most other massive live service shooters, Apex Legends is littered with exploits similar to these. Unsurprisingly, dedicated fans of this battle royale keep coming up with even more mind-bending ones every day. While it is not as game-breaking nor controversial as tap-strafing, Respawn will probably patch this one out soon.

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