A new portal glitch reveals Respawn might be trying to bring night mode to Worlds Edge in Apex Legends season 6

Worlds Edge at night looks really promising

Respawn first introduced us with the concept of night mode maps back in last year with their Fight or Fright collection event in Apex Legends.

Since then some players in the Apex Legends community were asking Respawn if they have any intention of bringing night mode to the World’s Edge map as some players prefer this new map instead of the old Kings Canyon map.

However, as it turns out, a new portal glitch revealed that Respawn might actually be working on such a mode for their next season. Basically this glitch in a completive match took a player from normal World’s Edge map to World’s Edge at night.

World’s Edge Night mode:

I was playing ranked and got Killed but thanks to some good teammates I got respawned. Only when I came back everything seemed blue and darker. I thought it was just some glitch but then I got to harvester and saw the lights! (this is the photo)This makes me think I glitched into a world’s edge night map. The game completely crashed after taking a wraith portal“, u/Rumpost on how he/she stumbled upon this mode.

Image via Respawn

The current rumor is that Respawn might be currently working on some sorts of night mode as a surprise for their upcoming season 6. And somehow this portal glitch took this player from a competitive match to a map that is not officially out yet.

However, the glitch somehow transferred this individual to the unfinished World’s Edge night map. Meanwhile, some players are also speculating that this might be a teaser from Respawn before the start of the next season.

Some reliable data miners have already revealed some info regarding when these new teasers for the new season will go live. The common consensus right know is that this could be just a normal glitch that somehow accidentally teleported this player to another map.

World’s Edge night map really sounds practical from Respawn as they already know some fans really want to see the dark version. From an efficiency perspective, using past assets like this makes so much sense for big developers like Respawn. However, as this is by no means an official statement from Respawn take all of these with a grain of salt.

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