These fanmade hop-ups for weapons are worth considering in Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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(Image credit: Respawn)

Apex Legends have unique hop-up in the game that allows some selected weapons to have an extra firing mode in the game.

Apex fan u/Angry_Worgen shared some concept ideas for hop-ups that deserves a serious look. If Respawn ever decides to implement one of them, it would seriously change the current meta for weapons.

One such example from the past would be the “Disruptor Rounds” that made the Alternator way too overpowered. Basically it used to melt level three purple armor like butter in a matter of seconds. And needless to say, players started to complain, and Respawn later decided to vault the hop-up from the game altogether. However, there is a rumor that the Disruptor rounds might return in season 6 just like the skull piercer did in this season.

Fanmade hop-ups:

fanmade hop-up APEX
Image via u/Angry_Worgen

First, there is the BARREL SYNCHRONIZER that would work similarly to how double-tap works in the game. Although the gun would be still automatic instead of a single fire or burst mode. It would definitely work well with the Alternator.

Another interesting concept would be the A.P rounds that would damage both shields and health equally at the same time. It would fit right into the game with Longbow and Mastiff. Basically this hop-up is the combination of both the Disruptor and Hammer point put together.

Rapid Fire would enable G7 scout and Wingman to have an increased fire rate. However, the trade-off would be reduced damage and increased recoil. This subtle change would definitely give players more choice on how they want to play. At the end of the day, it would give players more incentive to be a little bit more creative.

Both Heatsink and Ricochet rounds would add another layer of customization to guns like Spitfire and L-star. Ricochet rounds would work almost similarly to how Hanzo’s scatter arrow from Overwatch works. Meanwhile, Heatsink would be an instant hit for those pesky L-star users.

Almost all of these hop-ups have huge potential and they are really worth taking a serious look. However, a writer at Respawn recently claimed that they usually don’t read fan theories and ideas as that might compromise their work. If somehow these hop-ups ever see the light of day at Respawn, it would seriously change the current meta in the game.

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