Apex Legends cross-play might actually pair console and PC players together by default as a producer at Respawn refutes the latest rumors

A producer at Respawn claims the latest rumors might not be true

The latest rumor where a Respawn dev claimed that console and PC players won’t be paired together, for the most part, might not be entirely true as a producer at Respawn refutes all the recent news.

A recent report by DBLTAP, claimed that PC and console players won’t usually pair with each other unless there is at least one PC player in the lobby. Therefore, only squads with at least one PC player will be eligible to be paired with other PC players.

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Have been seeing lots of console players worrying about this but don’t,” Smullin wrote on TikTok. “Everyone should be excited.” According to the report, Jake Smullin who is a Respawn dev apparently confirmed this via a tick video.

Apex Legends producer have no idea who Jake Smullin is?

However, as it turns out, Josh Medina who is currently the producer on Apex Legends have no idea who this Jake Smullin guy is. As a result, the claim that PC and console players won’t pair with each other by default for the most part might not be factually correct.

Furthermore, the latest report claims that Jake Smallin might not be a developer at Respawn based on the reaction of the Producer of Apex Legends. Although a new report claims that Jake Smullin might be just a developer at EA.

Since Respawn still hasn’t made any new announcement regarding how cross-play will actually work in Apex Legends, it is better to take all the latest rumor regarding cross-play in Apex with a grain of salt. Respawn will enable cross-play in the game this fall. Only then we can actually find out how cross-play will actually work in the game.

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