Respawn dev revealed that Mirage players spend the most time admiring their heirlooms in Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

With the limited-time event “Lost Treasures”, Respawn finally gave Mirage fans their much-awaited heirloom.

And surprising absolutely no one Mirage fans spend the most amount of time admiring their heirlooms. Since Mirage’s heirloom is literally a trophy of himself, it makes so much sense that Mirage players love to stare at themselves.

Mirage heirloom
Image via Respawn

Heirlooms are usually very character-specific in Apex Legends. Just like Wraith’s kunai, Pathfinder’s boxing gloves, etc, they give each legend more personality. As a result, Players can own these special rare limited-time items to show off to other players in the Apex games.

Furthermore, one of the devs at Respawn just revealed that their data analysts found something really interesting. Even though a lot of characters in Apex Legends already have their heirlooms, only Mirage players spend the most amount of time admiring this magnification creation.

Mirage’s heirloom still has another secret

Respawn did a great job with Mirage’s heirloom. Additionally, they even included some Easter eggs in the heirloom’s inspect animation. Apex fans only found two of these rare animations like the one where players use a porkchop as a melee weapon and the other one where Miarge pokes his opponents in the eye.

However, as it turns out players still haven’t found out the third secret in Mirage’s heirloom. According to a Writer at Respawn, Mirage’s heirloom has an additional perk that no one knows. Only a few people in the Respawn dev team know about this one.

Apex Legends players are still trying to figure out the Easter egg. Respawn devs also claimed that they already have two more heirlooms planned out for the upcoming events. Since the next season is getting closer day by day, fans are eagerly waiting to see what Respawn brings to the table in the next season.

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