How to get free steam exclusive gun charms for Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

EA is finally bringing Apex Legends one of the most popular hero shooter inspired battle royale game to steam.

Back in 2019, Respawn announced Apex Legends without any prior marketing. According to Respawn, this was an intentional decision made by them to give players a complete battle royale experience without any bloatware. However, the success of Apex Legends certainly surpassed every expectation they previously had for the game as they reached around 50 million unique players within just one month.

At the same time, Apex was also dominating twitch for the number 1 spot in the entire platform. Although some players still complained that Apex was only available in the origin store which is an exclusive store from EA. Furthermore, some usability issues exclusive to the origin store drove some players away from the game.

Apex Legends is coming to steam:

Just recently Respawn announced that Apex Legends will now be available on steam. To celebrate Apex coming to steam, Respawn devs have decided to giveaway free Half-Life and portal inspired gun charms for new steam players.

For something this momentous, we couldn’t give you something half-baked — that’s why we partnered with Valve to design these Half-Life and Portal inspired gun charms“, Respawn on the Valve inspired gun charms.

Apex Legends steam gun charms
Image via Respawn / steam
Apex Legends steam gun charms
Image via Respawn / steam

These will all be free limited-time login rewards for our Apex Legends Steam players, so add it to your Wishlist and follow us on Steam today“, Respawn on how to get this free exclusive gun charms in the game.

Basically just adding Apex Legends to your wish list on steam will make you eligible for this free gun charm. According to the latest report, Apex Legends might arrive on steam this fall.

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