Forget mouse/keyboard vs the controller war as stylus pen is the new wave in Apex Legends

Everything was good until the stylus pen players invaded the lobbies

The age-old mouse/keyboard vs controller debate has been pretty heated in the last couple of months in Apex Legends.

While streamers like Shroud think that mouse/keyboard and controllers players should be able to play with each other in the same lobby unless there is actual prize money at stake. Only then it is not suitable for pro players to be competing in the same pro lobby.

Meanwhile, an Apex streamer/YouTuber Star Rain just showed players a new way. Forget about the mouse/keyboard and the controller war. This savvy player just straight up started to use a stylus pen paired with a digital tablet to play FPS games on the PC platform.

Apparently you can use a drawing tablet paired with a stylus pen to aim pretty accurately in games like Apex Legends. While Reddit user u/Star__Rain claimed that it wasn’t an original idea, the execution looks really good so far. Furthermore, it is currently the preferred choice made by this individual for playing against both mouse/keyboard and the controller players.

The use of a specialized tool to play an FPS game is not inherently an original idea. A few months ago an Overwatch fan created a glove to play as Sombra. Thus proving that creativity is still alive in the PC modding community.

Cross-play is coming in Apex:

Since Respawn already announced that cross-platform support is coming, players from different platforms like PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and even Nintendo will be able to compete with each other. This news is great if you already have friends on different platforms and you want to play with each other.

Apex Legends Cross play
Image via Respawn

Seems like stylus players will also be starting to compete in the same lobby. What was once believed to be impossible is now possible as Big companies like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo have finally come to terms with each other and opened the gate for gamers across different platforms.


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