Apex Legends player figured out a way to cancel out arc star in the game

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Before Respawn introduced Watson in the game back in season 2, players used to spam grenades like there was no tomorrow.

Respawn later nerfed the throwables in the game like grenades, arc stars, thermites by making them take more space in the inventory. Even after all that grenades are pretty powerful in the game right now. However, a player found a cheeky little exploit to literally cancel grenades before they explode.

Apex Legends Arc Star
Image via Resapwn

To cancel out grenades like arc stars you just need to throw your backpack on top of the arc star to cancel the impact. As it turns out, using this minor exploit you can actually cancel the impact from grenades in the game.

After taking a closer look at this clip, it is clear that you can cancel out the damage from a grenade just by throwing an object like your backpack over it. Somehow the bag absorbs the impact from the grenade. Even though the practical application of this exploit/bug will be really difficult to execute in a real match, it is always better to keep a few tricks up your sleeves in case of an emergency.

Right now all types of grenades are in a pretty good place right now in terms of balance. The previous inventory nerf really had a great impact on how often players spam grenades. Additionally, there is already a rumor out there that the next weapon the game might be a grenade launcher.

Data miners already found credible pieces of evidence in the game files that strongly suggest the possible introduction of a grenade launcher in the game. Grenade launchers would be a great addition to the game only if Respawn can manage to balance it properly.

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