Everything there is to know about Rampart the next possible character in Apex legends season 6

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Since the next season of Apex legends is getting really closer every day, the speculation on who it might be is at an all-time high right now.

The recent leak strongly suggests that Rampart might be the next legend that Respawn will introduce with the next season of Apex Legends. Even though there are some other characters who also have a pretty fair shot at being the next legend, Rampart probably has the most likelihood of being the next legend in the game.

Who is Rampart?

Right now there are two possible pictures of Rampart in the game. The earlier one featured a military-like figure. However, according to the new leaks, that might change. The game files now strongly hint at a new character. Apparently she has strong ties with the GRAFFITI MOD that popped up in the game recently.

Rampart Apex
Image via Shrugtal

The hop-up even has an “R” sign. After a fan asked one of the writers at Respawn on what it means. He explained that everything has a purpose in the game. And also the hop-up will be readily available as it appears to be common in terms of rarity.

Image via Shrugtal

The hop-up is rumored to have multiple firing modes that can be manually selected. And each of these firing modes will have color coated visual indication to warn other players on which firing mode is being used right now. The next legend might be of an Indian origin as the GRAFFITI MOD will likely paint the whole map in colors. Since there is already a festival in India called “Holi” where people play with different colors, all this strongly suggests the theory that Rampart might be the next legend.

Ability leaks:


Rampart passive
Image via Shrugtal


Rampart  tactical
Image via Shrugtal


Rampart ultimate
Image via Shrugtal
Rampart ultimate
Image via Shrugtal

However, take all of these with a grain of salt as Respawn might still make some big changes to these abilities to make them more suitable for the game. As this is by no means an official announcement, all of these can still change in a blink of an eye until the next season arrives.

According to the leaks, Respawn might start to leave clues like GRAFFITI arts all around the map to tease the arrival of a new legend. Previous legends like Crypto, Revenant, Loba were teased pretty heavily even before they made the official announcement. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled for any GRAFFITI art that might pop up all over the map.

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